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An eminent Russian scientist, Professor Konstantin Korotkov, of the University of St. Petersburg, was among the distinguished guests and lecturers at the First Global Conference on the Energy of Pyramids, held in Visoko 11-12 May 2018.

- The discovery of Bosnian pyramids and tunnels ranks among the greatest discoveries of 21st century. We have concrete evidence that these edifices had been constructed by ancient civilizations and we can, beyond any doubt, claim that these had been the work of an advanced civilization. It is important that Dr. Semir Osmanagić is a first-rate scientist, and his approach encompasses various forms of research – Professor Korotkov pointed out to us.

He also commented about the conference that Visoko hosted during the preceding days, which brough together many famous names.

I know many scientists here, who come from all over the world, and who are giving major contributions with their studies in numerous scientific fields. Our research through scientific measurements, support the activity of pyramid project and beneficial use of pyramid energy. But just having scientific evidence is not enough, this evidence should be shared with the public, and conferences are the best way to do it. This conference has a very important role, as it brought here the people from all over the world to gain these insights, so they could spread them further when they return home. This is the only way to inform the people around the world about what goes on here and about the importance of this discovery – Professor Korotkov noted.

He also commented about healing aspects of visiting and staying in Ravne tunnels.

– This is more than a historical and scientific discovery, but is is also of great importance for human health. There is a great deal of evidence that a stay in the tunnels and on the pyramids is beneficial to our health. That is why it would be important to create a center here in Visoko, so people can come, stay on the pyramids and in the tunnels, and the measurements conducted prior and after such stays reveal numerous beneficial effects. Dr. Osmanagić's contribution is not limited solely to the scientific and archaeological dimension, but it also involves a contribution related to human health, and I am glad to have been a participant at this conference – Professor Korotkov concluded.

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