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Engineer Goran Marjanović, a Serbian expert, has participated in the Global Conference on the Energy of Pyramids in Visoko, May 11-12, 2018. At the conference, he delivered a lecture entitled 'Pyramids and Scalar Waves', and we took the opportunity of his visit to Visoko for a brief interview.

- I believe that the significance of this conference is considerable, as we have had an opportunity to hear presentations by people who have gone far in their fields of study. These are people who found ways to measure, visualize and detect the effects of various forms of energy, not exactly appropriately explained from the standpoint of the mainstream science. The science we know is not wrong, but it lags behind experimental reality. Some theories are more than a hundred years old, and for some we have no modern theories. Those we do have are not wrong, but are inadequate to explain phenomena that people feel and detect with senses that are not related to the senses known to modern medicine – Marjanović said.

In particular, Marjanović commented about the work of the scientists, particularly those coming from the East.

- Lately, particularly in the East, there has been a great deal of work on torsion fields, which are a sophisticated form of scalar waves that Nikola Tesla had studied. It is curious that modern science lacks an instrument to explain these forms of energy, however, at this conference we have been acquainted with the devices, methods and ways to make these energy forms more accessible to people, and to measure them – Marjanović explained.

Finally, he commented about his frequent visits to Visoko and on a great deal of measurements and studies he had conducted.

- I come here since 2011, sometimes several times a year. I've performed measurements on all sites, I conducted series of measurements and proved that these were structures with peculiar features. Such studies and measurements allow us to understand formations that escape the measurements of conventional physics. Therefore we can explain all phenomena that occur here, but what is most important is that all of it is very beneficial and has beneficial effects on human beings, but also on the plant and animal world – Marjanović concluded.

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