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Egyptologist and pyramid builder Valery Uvarov of Russia was a lecturer at the First Global Conference on the Pyramid Energy, held this weekend in Visoko. We took the opportunity of his appearance at the conference for a brief interview with Mr. Uvarov, who complimented the efforts of the 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation on the development of pyramid science and on the understanding of the real meaning of pyramids.

- Every year, people come from all over the world and exchange their knowledge, which is of utmost importance, because this flow information should be the stepping stone for expansion of this project here in Visoko and for winning global support. Pyramids themselves reveal that our bright future will be strongly interlinked with them. Pyramids have applications in science, medicine, physics, in schools and at universities, for boosting creativity, stabilization of the nervous system, they enhance and improve, but also stimulate immunological system and, naturally, strengthen defensive capabilities of the organism to combat viruses and other harmful influences. Experts in the study of pyramids understand that, if we continue our studies, and build pyramids, that in due time this awareness will spread and the world will be better for it – Valery Uvarov said.

The Russian expert complimented the Visoko conference, but also all the Foundation's efforts in the field of research and studies into the phenomenon of pyramids.

- This conference is of great importance, and Sarajevo and Visoko, i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina, have become the world hub for exchange of knowledge and information, thanks to conferences organized by the Foundation. In this regard, the Foundation has a key role in the history of pyramidology – Uvarov concluded.

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