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Comment about Mr. Rose and his article about Bosnian pyramids and Mr. Osmanagic

To: Archaeology Magazine
I am writing to you so I can make a comment about Mr. Rose and his article (that he wrote on June 27th) about Bosnian pyramids and Mr. Osmanagic.  I have copied and pasted his comment, and it follows:
To: Archaeology Magazine 
To: Archaeology Magazine
I am writing to you so I can make a comment about Mr. Rose and his article (that he wrote on June 27th) about Bosnian pyramids and Mr. Osmanagic.  I have copied and pasted his comment, and it follows:
“Meanwhile, Canadian archaeologist Chris Mundigler, whose name had been mentioned as a foreign expert scheduled to work on the "pyramid" excavation, has written to ARCHAEOLOGY, saying that he does not endorse and never agreed to work on the project. “
However, I am sending you a copy of an e-mail/ application that Mr. Mundigler wrote to Mr. Osmanagic, asking for an employment opportunity. This e-mail is also available on Mr. Osmanagic’s web, which we all can read in English. His e-mail is below
Original Message
Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 2:11 PM
Subject: Employment enquiry
December 30, 2005

Mr. Osmanagich,

I am writing to enquire as to the possibility of full-time / part-time
salaried, and/or contractual work you may have in your organization for
either archaeological research and/or GIS / mapping - both in-office and in
the field.
Ideally, I would very much like to work for you from my home office in
Canada on such matters as GIS; research and publication graphics, mapping
and illustration; data analysis and interpretation; technical and report
writing; and the like - all of which I have done for other companies via
long-distance.  Other than that, I would consider working wherever you may
have an opening that you feel might suit my qualifications and experience.

As way of a brief introduction, I have accumulated more than 20 years of
experience in archaeological research in southern Europe (Greece and Italy),
the Middle East (Jordan and Syria), North Africa (Morocco) and North America
(Canada), and have had the privilege of teaching at university for 11 years
now in the subjects of archaeology; anthropology; ancient history,
technology and religions.

The specialties I offer include illustration and drafting (plans, sections,
artifact reconstruction); photographic, photogrammetric and media services;
survey and planning; archaeological field services; administration,
logistics and project management; CAD, GIS, and terrain modelling; GPS
planning and surveying; writing and publication services.  I am especially
interested in doing mapping, illustration, CAD, GIS and analysis work for
you on your projects from my home-base on the west coast of Canada.

I would like the opportunity of sending you my Curriculum Vita for your
further perusal and welcome any questions or comments you may have.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,
Chris Mundigler
Mr. Osmanagic did not hire him, and  I think that Mr. Rose needs to check his sources before publishing his stories, which are not to the standards that are expected from one professional. Mr. Rose also wrote many false, untrue comments about Mr. Osmanagic. Mr. Rose suggested that Mr. Osmaanagic has no expertise, which is untrue statement. Mr . Rose needs to check Osmanagic’s experience and education background, before making such statements.  Finally, what makes Mr. Rose an expert? Has he been to Bosnia yet?  He also omitted to say that Mr. Harding paid a 15 minute night visit to Bosnia , which was not enough time to make an educated and reasonable conclusion. He omitted to say that many legitimate world experts are supporting Osmanagic’s claim. Also, Mr. Rose needs to understand that only hard work proves hypothesis, not some lame, empty comments. Mr. Rose may have a title but no knowledge, or professionalism. I will personally urge Mr. Osmanagic to press charges against Mr. Rose and your magazine, for false statements and deformation of the character. . It is clear that M. Rose is leading “Anti-Osmanagic propaganda”.
You should be ashamed to have Rose as an online editor of a magazine that is supposed to be educational. 
And yes Mr. Rose, I agree with your comment. Bosnia does deserve better, but certainly not you, nor your ill motives and uneducated mind.
I am a student here at UCLA as a history and political science major, and I have absolutely no connection to Mr. Osmanagic , nor his organization.
Your magazine and Mr. Rose owes an appology to Mr. Osmanagic, myself  and all other readers.
Merima Bojic
11829 Gateway Blvd. #4
L. Angeles 90064,Ca
Zadnje ažuriranje utorak, 13 februar 2007 14:37

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