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Tesla's ether technology - impetus of the third technological revolution

“Sankhya karika” /1/ is a Vedic document aged about 33 thousand years. It was written in the form of "Suthras" - rules or aphorisms. In my opinion, one of - the most intriguing and simply fascinating messages from Sankhya is suthra 37[1] which states: “Potential energy can be extracted from within the hidden interior Purusha domain by a process of repeatedly triggering the primary interactive region with a minute or sharp or impulse or triggering an input of energy.”. Another astounding fact is given in one of the mathematical analyzes of G. Srinivasan [1], which is closely related to the previous claim: “The axiomatic value of energy that resides in the fundamental field of space as a coherent, unmanifest activity-until it becomes upset when it becomes "radiant" - has the value: EP8 = 3.3*1052 “.

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