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By: dr. Sam Osmanagich

I enter Swaziland (the official name of the country is Eswatini) with researcher Michael Tellinger of South Africa. Our goal is to visit the oldest iron ore mine in the world: Ngwenya Mine and Lion Cavern.

The modern route leads from the border crossing of Oshoek towards the capital of Mbabane. Ngwenya National Park is a nature park, a geological park, but primarily dedicated to the exploitation of iron ore for many years.

According to the official inscription on the site, the iron ore was used here for 43,000 years. The guide says that they made iron tools and weapons.

Officially, the Iron Age began in Europe 3,300 years ago. In Egypt, meteorite iron was used 6,000 years ago. Of course, Vinca in Serbia knew about secrets of melting at least 8,500 years ago.

But in the south of African continent, we are going backwards for several tens of thousands of years. According to the archaeologist who discovered this location, the iron ore mine is at least 100,000 years old. And now, what is the true story: whether the primitive Paleolithic cave people in Swaziland have melted hematite at 1,500 degrees tens of thousands of years, or (the advanced) users of gold mines in this area of ​​the world have used iron 100,000 years ago, using 3 million tons ore?

The name 'Lion Cavern' refers to a smaller cavity at the top of the elevation where they have been mined a hematite. Neither is this cavern, nor is there a lion here. It got her name by South African beer 'lion'.

The deception of conventional science begins with names.

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