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Dr.sci. Sam Semir Osmanagić

It’s been almost five years since I first entered underground tunnel “Ravne”. At that time, it was called “a cave”. There was a small ½ meter entrance and one shallow tunnel which ended after 130 meters.

That was a time when I announced to the World discovery of the first European pyramids in Visoko: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. This was a one-man project in 2005 with me paying for all costs and analysis. 

Based on my experiences with the pyramids in China (Shaanxi province), Mexico (Teotihuacan) and Giza (Saqqara and Giza), I knew that we would discover labyrinth under the Bosnian pyramids. That’s exactly what I wrote in my book about the pyramids discovery in October, 2005. My hypothesis was faced with a lot of skepticism and unpleasant labels by university professors from Sarajevo and elsewhere. 

So, when I entered “a cave” for the first time it was obvious to me that it was a man-made construction. I decided to start archaeological work inside. We’ve been cleaning existing tunnels ever since. Instead of one small tunnel we realized that a whole underground network of tunnels and chambers is hidden 5-25 meters underground.

Two mysteries have followed us from the beginning: who built this huge network and who and why sealed off all side tunnels? Namely, all tunnels were filled up with river bed material (rocks, pebbles, sand, clay) and then sealed up with the drywalls.

Some of the experts who came to Visoko, such as geologists Robert Schoch from Boston and El Anbaawy from Cairo, claimed that this network was water-made. Bosnian geologists from Tuzla who never came to visit the tunnels talked about the coal mining facility. Bosnian archaeologist Enver Imamovic thought it was Roman gold mine. Museum curator Zilka Kujundzic mentioned possibility of Yugoslav Army hide outs. People from Visoko thought that this was a Middle Age escape tunnel for Bosnian kings and Queen Katarina.

Well, they were all wrong.

As I hypothesized, this was a pre-historical underground labyrinth that connect all pyramids and other places of interests. Radiocarbon analysis that we performed in Sweden (University of Upsala), Germany (Kiel University) and Poland (Gliwice Institute) have shown the age older than any other known advance culture on Bosnian soil (3.091-5.080 years).

But, real challenge for our team was the fact that we needed to choose correct tunnel that will lead us to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. We managed to do that using compass and topographical maps. At the same time we had to remove hundreds of tons of fill up material and make this place safe for researchers and visitors.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of working hours cleaning and securing the tunnels in a period December, 2006 – December, 2010. Length of 400 meters have been secured by the wooden support. Considering the fact that we had another 90% or 2,5 kilometers to the pyramid I was ready to patiently work another 30 years until I get to the largest pyramid on the Planet.

Summer of 2010 was very successful. We had 500 volunteers from 30 countries who worked with us. Some of them helped us discover three underground chambers (50 sq.m., 30 sq.m. and 20 sq.m.) and first underground lake. It gave new elements to this underground structure.

Month of November we spent cleaning the third underground chamber. From this chamber we could see six sealed side tunnels leading to different directions. I decided to move forward going South, which is a way to Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

And then, on November 30th, moment of excitement and surprise.

After we removed two drywalls in front of us and several tons of fill up material, we discovered the hole in the wall. We widened the hole. It was dark.

We entered inside.

On the other side, there was another drywall and several tons of fill up material.

But, further to the left and to the right we noticed clean tunnels going in two directions, South and North. No fill up material. Height at the intersection was 2,5 meters. We moved forward, first North. The ceiling came lower, to 1,3 meters. In front of us there was a half-circled tunnel with no visible end. Tunnel was filled with 20-30 cm of water. Width of the tunnel was same everywhere.

We moved through the water. It was exceptional feeling. Human foot has not entered this tunnel for thousands of years!

On both sides of the walls, we could notice drywalls and more sealed side tunnels. But, the one we were walking on, was completely free and clean. In one area, on side walls, we could notice layer of clay. Somebody used the tools to remove clay to get the same width of the tunnel.

We came back and started walking in the tunnel that lead to the South which is a direction of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. It was even more exciting. We discovered untouched longest drywalls so far. They were made perfectly. Bottom end completely match the top raw. What a craftsmanship! It would be extremely hard to make something similar today without mortar. Height in this section rose to 2 meters.

We walked 150 meters in Northern direction and over 200 meters in Southern direction. No obstacles in front of us. Everything is open!

Is it possible that we discovered the main tunnel?

If this is a case, it was well hidden and secured from the outside world. We had to remove thousand tons of material to get there.

What if this tunnel leads directly to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun? It is possible because it has a good direction.

Even if we find more sealed sections in front of us and we need to remove more material, we still saved years of work. At least five hundred meters free of fill up material that we discovered a few days ago is a breakthrough that we needed.

Foundation’s leading archaeologist dr. Sara Acconci flew from Milan, Italy to Visoko and started to document this discovery.

We made a plan to start working on Southern section and leave Northern section in original state. We will need to pump water out, remove the dirt and mud, and than secure the ceilings with wooden support.

Mayor of town of Visoko came first day to visit us. He was delighted. Local TV followed. Next day we had a state TV. Major Serbian TV showed up, as well…

We’re looking for exciting winter here in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.







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