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Professor and founder of the GEOPOLYMER INSTITUTE, SAINT QUENTIN, FRANCE (discoverer of the geopolymer chemistry), Prof. Joseph Davidovits met with Mr. Semir Osmanagić in Edinburgh, where they discussed about the mutual cooperation between the Foundation and his institute.

During the 1970s, Dr. Davidovits proposed a stunning theory of the Egyptian pyramid construction where he suggested that the blocks were molded in place by using a form of limestone concrete.  His theory was based on the discovery of human hair within a sample taken from the Egyptian stone blocks.  The hypothesis about the artificial blocks would make the theory about the construction of the Egyptian pyramids a lot simpler as it would eliminate the transportation theory of the large blocks, weighing several tons.

Such ideas were not accepted by the geologists and archaeologists and let to personal attacks on Dr. Davidovitz, especially by the mainstream Egyptologists, led by Dr. Zahi Hawass.  He was ridiculed by many opponents whereas others claimed that he was very controversial. .

However, Dr. Davidovits was tirelessly experimenting and researching for 35 years in order to prove his theories. In1992,  Dr. Davidovits performed his own experiment at hisiInstitute in France with the poured concrete blocks of the some composition as the blocks that make up the Cheops, Kefren  and Mikeren pyramids. After the poured concrete, the blocks showed the identical characteristics as the ones on the Giza plateau. Dr. Davidovits had sent two samples to the leading French geological institutions for analyses and they erroneously concluded the blocks being natural.  

After winning over the geologists and Egyptologists, Davidovits also studied the hieroglyphic texts that pointed to poured concrete blocks and the applied formula dating to 4500 BC.

Dr. Davidovits demonstrated his theories in a number of his books: "Pyramids: An Enigma Solved" (1988), "They Built the Pyramids" (3008), "Alchemy and the Pyramids (1983) and " GEOPOLYMER CHEMISTRY AND APPLICATIONS (3008 ). Dr. Davidovits' institute cooperates with mane notable world institutes such as MIT Institute from Boston, USA. Davidovits also received a number of international and awards for his contributions to the science. (See more : http://www.davidovits.info/)

Like Mr. Osmanagic, Dr. Davidovits had his own share of the experiences with the geo-archaeological establishment and the opponents. (see: http://www.semirosmanagic.com/)

Dr. Davidovits informed Osmanagić that he has been following the research project in Visoko from its very beginning.

Osmanagić gave a sample of the concrete material to Dr. Davidovits, which was found at the depth of 54 meters by the geological drill in Gornje Vratnice in April of 2008.  

Taking into consideration the weight and visible composition of the samples, Dr. Davidovits suggested it could be the artificial concrete. Dr. Davidovits will conduct further lab analyses in France in order to establish the composition of the concrete.  The application of the luminescent method in order to determine the approximate age of this sample. .

Osmanagić and Davidovits agreed on future cooperation between the Institute of Polymers and the Foundation "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun".

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