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Novak Djokovic attended Dr. Semir Osmanagic's lecture in Banja Luka. Osmanagic has a doctorate in social sciences and he is the founder of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun complex. In recent years, Djokovic has been a frequent guest at the Archeological Park Ravne 2 in Visoko.

This week. Bosnia is hosting its first-ever ATP tournament in Banja Luka. Osmanagic came to Banja Luka to support Banja Luka. While in Banja Luka, Osmanagic held a lecture - which was attended by Djokovic and Banja Luka mayor Drasko Stanivukovic.

"Banja Luka welcomed us really well tonight! The hall of Hotel Bosna was full, wonderful guests and dear faces, while we traveled through the past and got acquainted with the true history of the human race - and got to know our Illyrian-Slavic origin!" Osmanagic captioned his Instagram post.

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