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To understand how the Bosnian Pyramids fit with the Word of God it is necessary to understand that the pre-flood world had a C14/C12 ratio of possibly 1/10 of the ratio today. This means pre-flood artifacts are being misdated. My curves predict a gap in Carbon 14 Age dating that puts pre-flood items in a 1600 year window of time between 25,500 and 27,150 BP exactly as you have found the artifacts of the Bosnian pyramids to be!

I've been doing on-line dating research and have been pleased to find many 'pre-flood' dated objects that fall at or near the predicted correction window.

I do hope to get to Bosnia to see all the sights uncovered there and see the thick "Floodmud!" as I have come to call what settled out of the flood waters during the year of inundation. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were to see the Pyramida Sunca with the floodmud hosed off of it to see it in its original glory. Recirculating the wash water would allow the washjob to be done without requiring an ocean of water.

While sifting of the washed off debris 'might produce artifacts of value that might have settled out of the floodwater', it may be the pyramid, once washed would bring many, many more visitors.

The very people who pretend to have the truth using their money, power, and influence to block the truth you have discovered in order to save their pre-fabricated reputations. 

I read "Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain" a very long time ago.

Of course Edgar Cayce had much to say about 'Pyramid Power' and the associated scientific, spiritual and healing properties.

Even Plato related the sinking of Atlantis, a place rumored to enjoy the beams of crystals that produced 'pyramid power'. I have come to believe that it was Noah's Flood which 'sank Atlantis' and made it disappear, never to be seen again, until you found it. It wasn't 10,000 years ago but the confusion of dating always comes into play and erroneous Carbon Dating has only allowed the 'Establishment' to further obscure the meaning of things like all the pyramids of the world that were built by the 'Generations of Adam'. The detection of ultra-sonic and VLF signals are likely proof of what Plato related to the world some 1500 years after Noah's Flood. I am an electronic Engineer retired and firm believer in truth. Nowhere are the lies more evident than in astronomy, Geology, Archeology, and paleontology by men who will never know or admit to knowing the truth of Scripture. Confusion reigns supreme.

Even among the foremost scientific/religious scholars who DO recognize that a carbon dated age of 25-40 thousand years actually means pre-flood, confusion still reigns because they have concluded that there is NO pre-flood remains left on Planet Earth because of the supposed violent geologic upheavals accompanying the flood. They aren't even looking for pre-flood evidence. Its obvious to me that the opening of the 'fountains of the deep' and the 'windows of Heaven' simply allowed the water needed to flood the earth, not destroy it geologically. While the Flash Floods of Noah buried a very lot of the pre-flood civilizations, The Flood receded slowly leaving a lamination of Floodmud! over the entire face of the planet that is marked off and dug through at every site set up for excavation.

The water fell as snow in the polar regions, freezing the Wooly Mammoths in their tracks meaning the mammoths are pre-flood creatures. Of course the huge layers of coal and huge reserves of crude oil are the result of the Flash floods of Noah concentrating and burying plant and animal life in the lowlands of the pre-flood world. It's not by chance that the greatest finds of Dinosaur remains is in a pocket of land in NW Colorado. They were carried there by the Flash Floods of Noah that came off of the Rocky Mountains. This may seem geologic to some but it is simply flash flood destruction, observable today anytime a flood of 10-15 inches occurs. The flood water of Noah came down at a rate of 400 inches per HOUR for forty days. It is possible the face of the Bosnian pyramid nearest the mountains is partially covered with Flash Flood Mud. It's obvious it is laminated with Floodmud!

The Pyramids of Bosnia are proof positive that pre-flood architecture survived, nearly intact, as built, and as located. Other surviving pre-flood items have been and are being excavated from beneath the Floodmud!, the 3-5 foot layer of 'topsoil' that covers the pyramids in Bosnia, the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, the statues on Easter Island, even the mounds of North America. The Inca empire, the fabulous pre-flood stone architecture remains today with very little Floodmud! because of the elevation.

All these pre-flood constructions are there for all to see but are deliberately mis-interpreted by the establishment, both Young and Old-Earthers, to preserve their precious nonsensical theories of an old earth and mindless evolutionary development that denies the Word of the God of Creation. Life would be so much more truthful if men would just read and believe and use the truth to guide them in their discoveries.

Your work is denied because to admit there were older civilization that were not composed of cavemen would be proof positive they have lied about *everything*. It is likely the 'Generation of Adam' were the smartest, strongest, obviously longest living humans to ever inhabit the Earth. I'm afraid the truth will only exist in 'Genesis' until Christ comes back to reign and bring the truth for everyone to finally enjoy. And by the way, being a cog in the technological age as I was has contributed nothing to mankinds understanding of the truth. We have only used science and technology to further hide the truth from all mankind.a

I wish you well! If you find *anything* in your excavations that further reveal the truths of scripture, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading about it. I do hope that someday, maybe even sooner than later, the roadblocks to uncovering the greatest pyramid of the pre-flood world will be torn down and you can finally show the world how smart we used to be.

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