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Traditional gathering of visitors from all over the world on the first day of summer, the summer solstice, on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia & Herzegovina, this year has passed in a great atmosphere and organization.

There were many buses with organized groups from Slovenia, Germany, Turkey and Austria, as well as individual visitors from the UK, Brazil, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, France, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, St. Martin from the Caribbean, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Danmark...

More than five hundred people were eagerly expected the beginning of program, hoping that the dark and cloudy sky will be replaced with the sun.

At the 6 PM the Principal Investigator of the Bosnian pyramid project Dr. Sam Osmanagich greeted all present. He wished them a welcome with a desire to feel comfortable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spoke about the importance of the location where they were, a medieval fortress from 700 hundred years ago which was one of the foundations for statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Roman watchtower 2000 years back, Illyrian settlement 2500 years ago, and all of these cultural layers are on top of the highest pyramid of the world.

The first performance was made by guests from Slovenia on special hand-made instrument that generates a frequency on which oscillates Planet Earth. Program continued by a song of the Swedish group ABBA "Angel Passing Through My Room" which was followed by all present Slovenians. After that, musical ensemble Hare Krishna entertained everyone with their song.

Finally came the star of this year's gathering, famous Turkish singer Seda Bagzan. At the moment when she came out to the microphone, sun came out behind the clouds and shone the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Seda Bagzan in her career sang an opera in Ankara and participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent years she is dealing with the spiritual music, a combination of Sufi and eastern traditions. She is the author of music and texts, in Turkish and English languages. There are a large number of her fans around the world.

Beautiful voice of Sede Bağcan and her accompanying vocals and rhythms of music, with mildness, calmness and openness had a great effect on the five hundred people.   During the performances of her compositions Seda was inviting everyone to join the song with simple words that cause expansion of the aura and a better flow of energy through the chakras of the human. In certain moments, it seemed that all present became one and the message of love and friendship was sent from the top of the Pyramid in the whole world.

Once again the music and the Bosnian pyramid united people from all continents.

At the end of the concert, Dr. Osmanagich has thanked to singer Seda Bagzan who honored all present with "heavenly voice" and invited her to come back next year. She announced her coming again with an enthusiasm.

There remained just a few moments for everyone to watch the sunset and look forward to the summer, which started at 06:39 PM. In an organized way, everyone moved towards the entrance plateau of pyramid carrying unforgettable memories from the Visoko.


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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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