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Case Study

Quantitative measurement of ambient oxygen & carbon dioxide levels in Tunnel Ravne, Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Paul Smith, Technical Writer, Analox


Tunnel Ravne is a network of underground passages and chambers built in ancient times by an unknown prehistoric culture. At some point in history it was deliberately blocked up with dry stone walls backed with thousands of tons of sand and gravel.
Tunnel Ravne was discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich Ph.D., Principal Investigator. It is being explored as part of the Bosnian Pyramid Project, by the nonprofit organisation, ‘Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation’.
The staff and volunteers of the Foundation are selectively reopening the tunnels and side-passages and conserving sections of the original labyrinth. It is hoped that these will eventually connect with passages beneath other prehistoric structures in the valley.
The Foundation has worked in Ravne for several years and the Tunnel is visited each year by thousands of tourists, volunteers, researchers and media. A number of other sites in the area are currently under investigation—including the Pyramid of the Sun.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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