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Valery Uvarov: Few More Ideas that Explains Existence and Meaning of Pyramids and Labyrinth in Bosnia


The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is an outstanding example of the most ancient pyramids on Earth created from natural hills by removing superfluous rock from the sides of the hill. In the process of forming the faces, they are oriented to the cardinal points and lined with stone slabs giving the hill or mountain a pyramidal shape. 

Additionally, it should be emphasized that the creation of a pyramid of such kind is "aerobatics" in the technology of pyramid-building and there are two reasons for this.

Firstly, from a technological point of view, the alteration of a hill and the more so a mountain into a pyramidal shape is an extremely difficult undertaking. Any professional builder will agree that it is easier to build new rather than to reshape existing construction. Moreover, elevations like the mount Visočica or Machu Picchu are extremely uncomfortable sites for organizing and carrying out construction work. 

Secondly, regarding the choice of the correct site for its construction. 

This is the most mysterious and enigmatic stage in the construction of pyramids as well as temples about which only fragmentary information has remained in ancient texts. The existing esoteric school speaks of certain "places of power", unknowingly simplifying the ancient knowledge, reducing the most important energy qualities to terms such as "strong or weak" and "positive or negative". Regrettably, the choice of a construction site from an energetic point of view is in general not considered by modern construction companies, the idea does not even come to mind... In geology, this branch of science is still in its infancy. 

According to ancient canonical texts, not every place is suitable for construction, only those, where from the depths of the Earth the "Source of Life Energy springs". There it is also mentioned that in that distant "First Time" (Zep Tepi) it were the "gods" who had assisted the builders herein by pointing them to the "Sacred Hills"
Those places were called "Nefer-Ta-Ra" which translates to "Place of the Ray of the Devine Light of Ra" or "Abode of the God Ra". The corresponding hieroglyphs illustrate that a person who stays in this place, resides in Ra (in the energy flow of Ra). Below are the hieroglyphs signifying "NEFER-TA-RA" and the pictographs contained therein.
Passed down was also the number of "Hills of the First Time" that were pointed out by the gods – these were 64. 

Apparently, one of those hills is mount Visočica in Bosnia, once incorporated into the energy-information chain spanning the globe in a spiral from the South Pole to the North.
Most important and at the same time final element in the chain of "Hills of the First Time" was the sacred Mount Meru, located exactly at the antediluvian North Pole, where, in the words of the "gods" "from the Beginnings of life on Earth the Source of Life is gushing" (energy flow with exceptional properties). At present, this "Sacred Hill"is situated on the territory of Greenland underneath a rapidly decreasing layer of snow, which in the foreseeable future will reveal what has remained of Meru after the Flood and subsequent glaciation. Technologically, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun was created in the same way as the Meru Pyramid, which became the most important sacral center of the Earth. 
The significance of Meru in the energy-information exchange of our planet with the cosmos was so high that after its completion, in ancient times all pyramids and temples were built with orientation towards it. The North Pole was taken into account by various peoples in their building plans for temples, pyramids and megalithic structures primarily because it being the location of the legendary mystery-shrouded Mount Meru, the main pyramidal resonator on Earth.
The pyramids hewn from the "Sacred Hills" are the most ancient, of which many references can be found in prehistoric chronicles. For some strange reason, however, this is something Egyptologists and historians do not seem to notice

Now to the role of such pyramids. 

These pyramids of the "First Time", the location of which the "gods" had assisted to point out, had several purposes. They functioned as antenna for communication with the "gods" as well as GPS-beacons (markers) for interdimensional navigation and precise transition from parallel dimensions (spaces) to exact defined locations on Earth. This is why, close to such structures frequent UFO appearances can be observed. 

Such can be shown by filming a pyramid of this kind continuously with a high-resolution video camera for several days during daytime and afterwards viewing the recorded 3-4 times slowed down. In this way everything becomes visible.
Apart from this, these pyramids were created to enhance the energy properties of the living environment of the earthlings to further the development of consciousness, stimulate supernatural abilities as well as prevent cancer, detailed in the book"Pyramids. Legacy of the gods" by Valery Uvarov.

The energy beam registered above the Sun Pyramid by the physicist Slobodan Mizdrak in April 2012 shows and confirms that the Pyramid of the Sun is both a GPS-beacon and component of an interplanetary and interdimensional communication system. The properties of this registered beam, however, are surprising. The higher the device was raised above the pyramid, the stronger the radiation intensity detected by the device, where one would expect it to decrease with increasing distance from the source (the top of the pyramid). There is an explanation for this though.

The source of the registered beam is located above the pyramid. This is an energy beam running top down that scatters towards the Earth, as a result of which the detected signal will increase with increasing measurement altitude.
When I climbed the Sun Pyramid for the first time in April 2014, I noticed and pointed out that the energy flow comes from above. It is a very noticeable, almost tangible beam. The same is equally noticeable in the Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth. From this it can be concluded that the Pyramid of the Sun is functioning to this day. The energy flow reaches the pyramid, which transforms and emits it into the surrounding environment: into the valley, to the surrounding structures, the people as well as more distant objects. There is no doubt that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun once was and still is part of a global energy-information network playing a special role in the development of Earth and civilization. 
After the beginning of the excavations, on top of mount Visočica the ruins of a medieval fortress were discovered, in which Bosnian rulers (Bans) of the 12th-16thcentury stopped at times. This calls the name of the first known Ban of Bosnia Borićto mind. Interestingly, his stepbrother Dominić was a Knights Templar, whose fateful history has a certain connection to Egypt and its knowledge. The Cathars – the last bearers of this knowledge – were massacred at the Castle of Montsegur (Southern France). 
This place on top of mount Visočica is more than just a place of power. Here a powerful, concentrated energy flow pours down from space. The choice of this location for the construction of a "fortress" is not accidental in terms of influence and potential effect of such a powerful energy flow on psychophysical structure as well as consciousness and brings up a number of unconventional conjectures. 

There may be a direct connection between this place and the Bogomil monks, whose occult and heretical teachings, that bear an ominous "Seth-Factor"-imprint, contain information on the moral and ethical causes as well as the consequences of the "War of the Gods" which has crucially influenced the fate of civilization on Earth. Christian religious tradition associates this event with the myth of the "fallen angels". All of these events reflected in the Gnostic Apocrypha took place a very long time ago, more than 10.000 years ago. It raises the question: from where did the Bogomils, Cathars and Templars derive their spiritual inspiration and religious conviction reflected in the apocryphal information?

In the absence of direct written records due to the immense antiquity of the events, it can be assumed, judging by its content, that this information, having its reflection in the Apocrypha ("Vision of the Prophet Isaiah", "Apocalypse of Baruch", "Books of Enoch" and others), was received in the form of visions and revelations, a form of communication that we would today call "channeling of extraterrestrial intelligences".

The above-mentioned fortress is located exactly where the powerful energy flow from space meets the Sun Pyramid. Such a placement of the fortress opens excellent opportunities to communicate with those who are at the other end of this energy flow. 

The historians' view on the purpose of this fortress (castle) is known and leaves us in a dead end. From a technician's point of view, however, the architecture and building components appear in a completely different perspective.

Compare the similarity of the lower surviving part of the tower with an inner round core in both ruins. Apparently this too was once a minaret. Its resembling counterpart is the preserved unfinished Alai Minar in Delhi, located next to Qutb Minar – the world's tallest brick minaret with a height of 72 metres. Alai Minar has a similar core, that can be found in almost every minaret. 
This is where it gets interesting. Because what exactly is a minaret from a technical point of view?

Such tower or minaret design suggest that it was designed and built as a tubular waveguide or rather backward-wave oscillator — an unbalanced bifilar spiral structure with a tubular beam (wave within a circular waveguide).
Inside such a tower (minaret) the electromagnetic signal is circularly polarized. This keeps the waves emitted by the minaret coherent on their way through the Earth's atmosphere. Provided the signal that enters space (vacuum) is strong enough, it is no problem to reach any object located there.
These are pure energy flow concentrators with varying diameters of inner core and tower. 

Today, this type of waveguide is mainly used as a transmission line in Ultra high frequency as antenna, satellite communication as well as directional radio device for microwave transmitters and receivers.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that in the distant past minarets and similar structures in Christian tradition were designed and built as devices for space communication. It seems, this is where the contacts with "extraterrestrial intelligences" and the variuous "divine revelations" come from. 

If one looks closely at the construction of a building, a purpose similar to that of the minaret can be identified in many ancient monuments. 

Take a look at one of the most important temples of Bali, Ulun Danu. 
The pagoda-shaped central structure is called Meru. The core of the structure, resembling a stele or minaret, symbolizes the energy beam that rises up from the Earth, from the summit of Meru or the top of the minaret up into the cosmos.

The energy beam passes through 11 roofs, which in turn symbolize 11 "Heavens", 11 energy membranes that separate the energy shells or planes of the Earth and the Cosmos (Universe). 

The fact that our ancestors were well aware of the existence of such membranes separating the realms of the world is also confirmed by the Flammarion engraving called depiction.
In Man as well as Universe there are 12 instead of 7 energy shells, with 11 energy membranes in-between. 

The existence of such membranes in-between the shells of the Earth's energy structure becomes visible and is proved by phenomena observed in atomic explosions. 
Let's return to Delhi and take a closer look at the construction of the Qutb Minar. 

It has a 5-level structure. Each level is defined by characteristic protrusions symbolizing the energy membranes. This shows that the Qutb Minar was designed and built as a space communication device, tuned to resonances which allow the energy flow to pass through five of the Earth's energy membranes synchronizing them with five energy shells of the person inside the minaret. 
During singing (creating an acoustic wave) the muezzin's thought-images modulating on the piezoelectric effect, create an electromagnetic wave, which, propagating through the minaret (tubular waveguide) travels up into the cosmos. In this way, with the help of the Qutb Minar prayer and mental impulse penetrate all five energy membranes, five dimensions, five energy realms (planes) of the Earth and the cosmos.
Noteworthy in this context is that the pyramid complex at Giza was referred to as the "Fifth Division of the Duat". Duat is how the Egyptians called the energy system (aura) of both Earth and Human Being.

The energy flow (beam) detected by Slobodan Mizdrak by means of an instrument is exactly where the ruins of the minaret are located! This corroborates both directly and indirectly the assumption that the "fortress" on top of the Sun Pyramid was a structure with a specific purpose. It is no coincidence that, according to a local legend, when in the 14th century the Turks conquered Bosnia, an old woman who lived at the foot of mount Visočica told them that "no one is allowed to live in the ancient city on top of the mountain. Only those prepared to guard the secret hidden under the city at the expense of their lives can live there". 

What is it, that should be guarded at the cost of life?
Communication with the cosmos is a fascinating, yet rather dangerous endeavor. There are many pitfalls the ancients left important warnings about as well as pieces of advice on how to properly prepare oneself for a communication with the gods through pyramids.

One of the most important steps in this preparation is the purification of one's organism as well as energy system of negative energies. Interacting with cosmic energies without proper preparation can cause irreparable harm to the person's psyche. Instructions on this can be found in hermetic texts. The way this was implemented in the Ravne tunnel system, however, is astounding. In order to find out the origin and function of this tunnel system, one has to look at the world with the eyes of the ancient builders. This will help to understand both the underlying technical concept and the method of implementation. 

This technology is based on the teaching of the unity of the structure of Man, Earth and Universe, which in ancient Egypt was called "KA-BA-LA-ON".

According to this teaching Human Being and Earth are constructed in the same way. The human being has a physical body, as does the Earth. The human being has energy bodies (energy shells), this also applies to Earth. The human being has 12 main energy meridians, the Earth has just as many. The human being has a system of energy channels with acupuncture points, so does the Earth. The acupuncture points of the Earth are the so-called "places of power". Complete correspondence.

If we imagine the human energy system spatially, as nested energy-body holograms and mentally extract from this the hologram of the first energy body, this will show the matrix of the energy channel system. 

The complex network of this energy channel system, being an exact double of the matrix of the vascular system, forms the basic framework — a kind of energy "skeleton". In the process of the formation of the organism, the tissue "traces" the energy channel matrix in forming the vascular system.
Within the vascular system, the vessels are the blood-carrying channels, while the energy channels, vibrating with a certain frequency structure the biological water, which is part of the blood, giving it its specific properties. This is the most important mechanism in all metabolic and hormonal processes regulating the organism's life functions. 

Continuing the analogy, take a look at a cross section of the skin. The skin is permeated with blood vessels that are a projection of the energy channels.
The Earth too has a network of energy channels permeating the Earth's crust ("skin"), see depiction. 

Now let's look at how ingeniously our ancestors have solved the task of cleansing the energy system of excess, negative and harmful energies or rather removing such from it. 

By virtue of the knowledge received from the "gods" as well as their own mastered abilities, they tuned in to the vibration of the Earth's energy channels in the Ravne area and following along those channels removed the superfluous rock existing there, thus creating a (blood vessels-like) tunnel system, shaped according to the energy channel grid. As a result of this clearing away of its superfluous rock, the tunnel system acquired the amazing ability to clear the energy system of those who enter it, of its superfluous (those undesired) energies! This explains the remarkable healing effects observed in the Ravne tunnel labyrinth. It was with the help of this unique technology, preparation for the interaction with the energies of the Sun Pyramid has been carried out. 

I myself have visited these tunnels several times and experienced their cleansing effect on the organism removing unfavourable energies. It is a wonderful and incomparable feeling of inner purity and lightness, like in childhood.

It should be added that in ancient times this technology was not only known and used in Bosnia. This technology has also been applied in the creation of the temple complex in Ajanta and partly of the Ellora Caves in India.
Such are the properties of pyramids created by way of removing superfluous rock. This is the method that was applied in the creation of the infrastructure of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which makes the Sun Pyramid a unique preserved object that can be of great benefit to humanity if applied consciously and in the right way. 

It would be sensible to establish a university in the city of Visoko, whose students, in a similar way as the Bogomil monks once, acquire their knowledge being in the flow of the cosmic energies that stimulate their creativity and improve health as well as immune system. 


The fact that the Sun Pyramid is not aligned exactly with the antediluvian North Pole, once located on the landmass of Greenland, but with the present one (after Flood and axis displacement of the Earth 13,670 years ago) tells, that the Sun Pyramid judging by its age (according to radiocarbon dating 24,800 +/- 200 years) has been adjusted in terms of the alignment of its faces at least once! This shows clearly that the Sun Pyramid, despite its natural base in the form of mount Visočica, is man-made and has a very important role in the destiny of our civilization, which explains why tremendous efforts have been made to realign the pyramid faces, due to which it remains highly active up to this day.


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