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Unraveling the mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids using Akashic readings

In central Bosnia, close to the city of Visoko, 30 kilometers north of Sarajevo, five huge scenical structures have been discovered that are not from a natural origin. They happen to be constructed by unknown builders a very long time ago. These structures are covered with soil, grass and trees and have the shape of pyramids. The largest one is bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

A vast network of tunnels, sealed off with soil and little rocks is connecting these mysterious structures.

Semir (Sam) Osmanagich is the man that (re)discovered them in 2005. Since then a long term excavating effort is going on, concentrating on the tunnel system. So far no artifacts or human nor animal remains have been found. So who the builders were, how they lived and worked and what therir purpose was in building these structures still is a very big mystery.

In 2010 Semir Osmanagich decided to consult six experienced psychic women, all of them trained in reading the Akashic Records. These were his main questions:

1. Who built these sites?
2. When were they built?
3. Why were they built?
4. Do they have relevance today?

You can find all of the Akashic answers in a remarkable book: ‘Ancient History from Beyond the Veil’. For me this book was a discovery in itself. During the national Earth&Beyond event in June 2015 in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, a woman in Osmanagich’ team showed me a copy of it (thank you Carla!). It was the last one she had, so I could not buy that printed copy from her. Fortunately it is on Amazon as an e-book.

Following is a selection of findings from these Akashic readings, with the name of the reader and numbers corresponding with the questions of Mr Osmanagich:

A very large form, bigger than the pyramid itself with earth qualities and spirits of the earth participating in the creation process (1)
Scientific and spiritual center (3)

Higher beings, more advanced souls (1)
Healing information, physical regeneration (4)

Beings from another star system, using vibration techniques for building (1)
In stages, earliest about 750.000 years ago (2)
They contain information libraries (4)
Physical regeneration for the ‘visitors’ (4)

Ancestors to the Maya, later an alien race entered the place, we wouldn’t consider them ‘from the Light’, rather from ‘Star Wars’ (1)
Very old. Our atmosphere was open to a lot of different races that far back (2)
A hiding place and docking station for space ships, there was a city inside (3)
Energy system for healing, regeneration, re-animation and re-juvenation (3)
A beacon of light 6-10 feet in diameter to find the place as well as an energy field that the masters of this pyramid are still connected to and use to enter this planet (4)
A cosmic gas station, a pit stop still in use (4)

Beings similar to humans and non humans (1)
A hiding place, a healing place, transmitting energies from one space ship to another, one pyramid to another as well as feeding other solar systems (3)
This energy cannot yet be monitored today (4)

In stages, 500, 144 and 14 million years ago (2).

The book also contains reading about other ancient sites, like Machu Pichu, Saqqara and Baalbek.

At the end of the book Semir Osmanagich sums up 15 conclusions.
This is his first:
“Our world is not yet ready for all the answers the ancient sites have in store for us.”
And this his last one:
“We must, as individuals and a species, become more spiritually advanced before we can even understand ancient sites much less begin to use their power.”

Ancient History Beyond the Veil is a fascinating book. It demonstrates a complete new way of performing archeological research, making use of experienced Akashic readers.
I have been reading and re-reading these transcripts on several occasions and every time I discovered new elements and meanings. This book profoundly enhances our understanding of the Akashic potential as well as that of our unwritten history.

Ancient History from Beyond the Veil
Semir Osmanagich and Peggy Sue Skipper
New Era Times Press 2012
ISBN 9780985442606 (hard copy)
ISBN 9780985442603 (e-book mobi)
ISBN 9790985442637 (e-book epub)


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