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Expeditions with Ajdin 

By: Ajdin Ahmetspahić, Foundation's Guide Coordinator

Summers in Bosnian Valley of Pyramids are magical. Even with rains or extreme heats the magic doesnt stop.

During the last week volunteers from Germany, France, Poland, Croatia and Bosnia have continued working with a help of volunteers from Cezch Republic . Our friend Daniela have decided to help us in a different way after dozens of touristic tours she organised. With a group of 10 people from Cezch and Slovakia she spent seven days working together with the rest of volunteers, on the locations of Ravne 2 Park and the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Everybody got together working passionatly. They had a great time and they went home with beautiful experience while Daniela is preparing yet another group to come.

This week's bad weather conditions didnt stop our fiercsome guests to continue cleaning and diging. The activities continued in „Archelogical-Touristic Park Ravne 2“ together with guests from Slovenia and Cezch Republic who are working on instalations of energetical spheres and megalithic spirals.

So Ravne 2 was full of exciting and passionate workers these days. Some were working on the entrance to the new levels of tunnels, some were cleaning soil and conglomerate on Bell Tower, while others were engraving cosmograms on megalithic blocks and preparing energetic spiral for park.

In return, Foundation granted delicious Bosnian meals and lunches from its own budget. Food has been prepared, through all summer, by women assocciation „Visoko's Sevdalije“. On this way we are helping a local community and offer a chance for cooperation. Interesting Jasna's stories have been entertaining to volunteers during the lunch break confirming them that  Bosnia is indeed country of happy and hospitable people.

After a couple of days volunteers focused their work on sonda no.5 on Pyramid of Sun, cleaning the ancient concrete blocks. We found the interesting crack in some parts of blocks and with a help of our archaeologists and geologists we are protecting and revealing new parts of oldest geopolymere on the Planet.

Laughter, team spirit and hard work can be seen every morning while volunteers are preparing to continue Bosnian Pyramids adventure.

Together with expedition members from France, England and Germany, this weekend we continue with excursions. I will show them that Bosnia has a lof of to offer. Many misteries and phenomena on these areas can maybe tell us why did our ancestors decided to build the biggest complex of pyramids right here.

Its already mid of season and we are on full power. Of course thats the case, we are on the most active archaeological locations in the world. My fellow countrymen seem to start realising it so. I can see rows of them at the entrance to the Ravne Tunnels and walking in the Park.

Seems like everything is going well. Some are awakening, some are already awaken for a long time so they are trying to wake up others. Alarm is activated.


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