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By: dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

The discovery of new stone balls in Zavidovici in March 2016. sensational echoed throughout the world. "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation has organized a wide media campaign in the presentation of this prehistoric phenomenon. Once again the territory of Bosnia has been mentioned as the site of the ancient civilization, much older than the conventional view of human history.

The samples of the stone ball were sent to the faculties in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now we present the analysis that we have.

Geologist Miodrag Jovovic from Belgrade has done petrographic (macroscopic and microscopic) analysis of the sample, concluding presence of the "massive texture" which consists of "quartz, muscovite, iron oxide, magnetite," and "carbonate base is basal cement". Apparently, all energetically active elements.

Faculty of Mining, Construction and Geology at the University of Tuzla conducted analysis to determine the particle density (the ratio of the mass of particles according to its volume). Master of Geology Mersudin Hodzic signed a statement in which he determined the value of the density of 2.64 g / m3.

The volume of stone balls is equal to the value of 14.14 m3.

Weight in kilograms, then, is simply determined by multiplying density ("specific gravity") and volume. The weight of the stone balls in Zavidovici is 37.32 tons!

Large stone balls of granodiorite I saw in Costa Rica, the largest of which reached a weight of 25 tons. To the west of Mexico, near town of Ahualco, at "Piedras Bolas", volcanic stone balls reach 35 tons.

Measurements of the stone ball in Zavidovici and comparison with the so far biggest balls in Central America confirm that the Bosnian stone ball is heaviest and largest in the world!


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