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At the premises of the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation in Sarajevo, on February 2, 2017, the Foundation’s Board of Directors held a session.

The Session attendees were the Board members Ahmed Bosnić, Slobodan Stajić, Josip Svoboda, Mahir Hadžiahmetović, Zekerijah Smajić, Sam Osmanagich and Muhamed Ćatić. Besides them, the attendants were also the Foundation Assistant Director Sabina Osmanagich, Foundation Advisor Ismet Karasalihović, Foundation Associate Jasna Ismić, Foundation Advisory Board President Admir Tatar, Foundation Guide Coordinator Ajdin Ahmetspahić and the Foundation Project Coordinator Sandin Adilović.

During the two-hour meeting, the present discussed (1) Present explorations of the Foundation on the sites in Visoko and (2) Plans for 2017: archaeological excavations, energy phenomena measurements, medical research, project promotion, touristic programs, Park "Ravne 2" contents and financial plan.

It was pointed out that 2016 was one with the most success by now. The new 200 meters of underground tunnels Ravne cleared, the new tunnel level is discovered in "Ravne 2", the new tunnels were discovered on "The Bel Tower" hill and on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, another 150 m2 of concrete blocks is cleared. The energy recordings show the generation of Tesla's Torsion Fields (Scalar Waves) over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and this will most definitely affect the explanation of the function of the Pyramids in Bosnia and in the World. Financially, the Foundation is stable, without debts, and all employee salaries are paid on regular basis.

The Foundation has formed the International Advisory Board consisted of 128 members from 40 countries, and Regional Advisory Board consisted of 55 members from the six countries of the Region. It is planned to activate the Foundation Council with Visoko representatives.

The Members of the Board have accepted the proposal for Contract on the Rent of the Park "Ravne 2" in which the Park owners Sabina and Semir Osmanagich rent, free of charge, the arranged Park to the Foundation to use for 100 years, until February 1, 2117. The Contract applies also to the future legal successors of the Osmanagich family and the Foundation. The Members of the Board showed special appreciation for the selfless action of the Landlords and that is benefiting for all citizens of Bosnia and visitors from all around the World.

All present supported the activity of the Foundation Members in Commission for Tourism at Municipality Visoko and their standing points for the nomination of two Foundation projects as a part of the Tourism Development Strategy of the Visoko Municipality. Also, the stand supported is to have a bold systematical approach to the development of the touristic infrastructure in Visoko to create better conditions for a longer stay of the visitors of the Foundation.

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