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Archaeologists Uncover a Colossal Pyramid Belonging to an Antediluvian Civilization in Romania

More archaeologists believe to have found a colossal 300-meters-tall pyramid in Romania dating back tens of thousands of years.

Pyramids were a religious trend for ancient civilizations. From Africa to North America, Asia and Europe, these unique structures are spread all across the globe, where various cultures had built them without any apparent connection established between them.

Overall, pyramids shared a similar architecture and were envisioned as religious places of extreme importance, be it as a resting place for a great ruler, or a ceremonial center dedicated to the gods.

Although many of these imposing structures have stood the test of time, we only know of those that had been constructed a few hundreds, sometimes thousands of years ago.. However, in recent years evidence has been mounting up in regards to antediluvian civilizations which thrived before the last glaciation or what it has been known as the great flood. That more than 14,000 years ago according to most researchers, and it appears that these timeworn peoples were also pyramid builders. Could this prove that long before the first known organized societies there were others at least on the same level of advancement that were also able to transit the planet?

Proof of these forgotten forefathers stand both the Sumerian King List and the Egyptian pharaohs timeline which remind about their rulers up to a time when the gods first descended upon the Earth. The nearest palpable evidence of antediluvian civilizations are the Bosnian pyramids discovered in 2005, constructions dating anywhere between 12,500 to 30,000 years back. While investigations at this site are well underway, it appears that another startling discovery has been made a bit due est into the land of Romania.

An intriguing mound from the Buzau mountain chain measuring about 1,000 meters from sea level has captivated the curiosity of archaeologists after they stumbled across the remnants of what they presume to be another ancient megalithic pyramid.

As you can see in the above picture, the mountain has all the traits of a pyramid. It measures 300 meters from the bottom, that’s 150 meters more than the Pyramid of Giza and 80 meters more than the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia.


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