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SARAJEVO, March 10, 2017. - It's doubtless that the Bosnian Pyramids and tunnels are the remains of an unknown, highly developed civilization, and presence inside the Prehistorical tunnels Ravne effects positively with a measurable activity on the emotional and physiological condition of all who visit.

This is only a part of the conclusions given by the most famous world expert in the area of the scientific instruments developed for energy recordings of places and living beings, Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

Accompanied by the Deputy Director of the Development Department of the Institute for Atomic Physics from Moscow, nuclear physician Oleg Smirnov, Korotkov visited Visoko during March 5 to March 10 and used EPC/GDV technique to perform the recordings at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, tumulus in Vratnica, Prehistorical underground labyrinth Ravne and the "Archaeological-Touristic Park Ravne 2". Besides the environment, the measurements were done on visitors, before and after the tunnel visit, and the water analysis from several locations, too.

Also, Korotkov concluded that the level of the energetical activity at all pyramid sites and the tunnels is in the beneficial range for human health.

Professor Konstantin Korotkov is a quantum physicist and computer science engineer. He is a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Biophysics at the State University for Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics in Sent Petersburg, Russia. He is the Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Health in Sent Petersburg. He is the Chairman of the Association for medicinal and applied bioelectrography.

He has published more than 200 scientific articles in leading international magazines in physics and biology. He owns 17 patents in the field of biophysics. He has presented in 43 countries and participated in more than 100 international conferences. He is the author of nine books translated into several languages.

His EPC/GDV technique is accepted by the Russian Ministry of Health and is certified in Europe and used by more than 1000 doctors all around the world. He researched many megalithic locations in the world as well as the energy of the Egyptian and Mexican Pyramids.

-        The efforts of Dr. Osmanagich should be supported by everyone on scientific, governmental and humanitarian levels. This discovery equals with the discovery of the Pharaonic thumbs in Egypt and pyramids of the Mayans and Aztec in Central America, Korotkov stated at the end of his visit in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This way, Professor Korotkov joined list of distinguished scientists who acknowledged existence of Bosnian Pyramids.

-        First one to do it was Egyptian geologist Dr. Aly Barakat in 2006 after 42 days of investigation in Visoko, Bosnia (“Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is a man-made pyramid”).

-        Triple Ph.D. in archaeology, Dr. Nabil Swelim, after two years of research claimed: ”Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the biggest pyramid in the World”. (2007)

-        Russian geophysicist, academician Prof. Dr. Oleg Khavroshkin concluded that “Bosnian Pyramids have the shape, geometry and seismic values like Egyptian Pyramids. (2007)

-        American archaeologist Prof. Dr. Ezra Zubrow from Buffalo State University: “You need to find out who built Bosnian Pyramids, when the Bosnian pyramids were built, and what is connection between underground tunnels and pyramids”. (2010)

-        Russian pyramid-builder Valery Uvarov: “Bosnian pyramids are 30 times stronger than modern Russian pyramids” (2012)

-        American astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette: “Discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids is one of the biggest discoveries in archaeology, ever.” (2014)

-        Serbian Electrical Engineer Goran Marjanovic, after five years of measurements: ”Objects in Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids have very careful lay out in other to amplify energies and generate torsion fields on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” (2016)

Prof.dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Professor Korotkov with Dr. Sam Osmanagich at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, March 2017 

Professor Korotkov at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon 

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