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March 11, 2017, one day after the Press Conference where Dr. Konstantin Korotkov confirmed the existence of the Bosnian Pyramids (Source), Dr. Semir Osmanagich sent me an email. He asked me if I could try to include an article from SarajevoTimes that was about the confirmation by Dr. Korotkov. I wrote that I would try, and I made a small plan. First, I would try to edit the Wikipedia-article and include it there, and if they removed it, then I would try with the diplomatic way – with discussions. As we all know, the Wikipedia-article on the Bosnian Pyramids is really subjective, and it would have been nice to have a balance to the article. Previously I have tried three times, now, one year later, I return to try the fourth time. Last time I got banned for three months. I could not edit the Wikipedia-articles regarding the Bosnian Pyramids, and if I did I would get blocked they would suspend my account.

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