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The Bosnian pyramids, what are they telling us?

Aafke Douma and Rob Heiligers from Groningen/The Netherlands traveled to Bosnia & Herzegovina to experience themselves this unique phenomenon in the Balkans. Is it possible that the five pyramids in the ‘Valley of the Pyramids’ near Visoko (20 miles from Sarajevo) are created by a now unknown civilisation? And what are they telling us?

Some of these questions discoverer dr. Sam Osmanagich is asking himself since 2006.
With ‘clairvoyant research’ we hope to contribute to answering these questions. And actually we met, together with Osmanagich, the ‘instant creators’ of these pyramids. These hyperintelligent beings call themselves ‘Minocho’.

Real pyramids

Let’s start with the beginning. Enthusiast Semir Osmanagich (1960), cultural anthropologist and economist, was necessary to see a pyramid in these rectangular hills with their prominent orientation to the north. In 2005 he saw a striking similarity with pyramids he had studied all around the world. Is it possible – the question Osmanagich asks himself since 2005 – that the five pyramids in this valley are created by an European civilisation we know nothing about, and so history has to be rewritten? Most of the archeologists, geologists and egyptologists that reacted detest and loathe this idea. Around Visoko people are just busy with pseudo-science. Pyramids are graves of Egyptian pharao’s, and the Balkans is not Egypt. So! Or is something completely different going on over here?

Remarkable facts

0. All pyramid-hills are overgrown with soil, trees and bushes. Some of the sideslopes are damaged.

1. The five pyramids (Sam Osmanagich named them Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love and Earth) all have one side exactly pointing North (LIDAR-measure). The Sunpyramid is the highest known pyramid (220 meters) in the world (we measured 282 meters clairvoyantly by the way). Moon is 190 meters high, Dragon 90 meters.

2. The tops of the Sun-, Moon- and Dragonpyramids form a equilateral triangle, 2170 meters distance from each other.  During a period in summer the eveningshadow of the Sunpyramid covers completely the Moonpyramid.

3. There is a concrete cover on the sides of the pyramids. This concrete is harder (134 MPs) than modern concretes with lower water absorption (1%).

4. From the top of the Sunpyramid there is a pulsating beam of energy, 4,5 meters wide (28kHz). When you get higher above the pyramid (drone-measure) it gets stronger, this was measured never before. Latest discoveries speak of ‘Tesla torsian fields’. With a PIP-camera you can see vertical measurements of bio-energy. Also special ultra-sound-measurements are being done.

5. With geo-scantechnics they found a spiraling tunnelnetwork dozens of kilometers long, also under the pyramids. Some tunnels have large spaces, some are filled with water.

6. Water has special qualities and healing effects.

7. In the tunnels near Ravne they found ceramic stones (biggest ever found). These stones are placed exactly above waterstreams. This has a neutralizing effect. Also they measured very high Bovis- values with healing effects.

And there are more puzzling facts. Could we say that with our up-to-day scientific knowledge we hardly can or cannot clarify these facts? Maybe there are discoveries being done that could change scientific paradigma?

Akashic Records Readers

With his scientific ‘to measure is to know’- approach Sam Osmanagich met limits. That’s why he added spiritual sources to his reasearch: so called Akashic Records Readers who can receive information by tuning in on our collective energetic Consciousness (Akasha). This research was done in a controlled way: six clairvoyant women (who did not know about Osmanagich, did not know about each other, and also didn’t have contact with each other) got the same questions about pyramids everywhere, including the Bosnian of course. The special result is written in the book Ancient history from beyond the veil.
Our own clairvoyant research near Visoko with Aafke Douma as reader has corresponding conclusions, and adds to knowledge about the area. In a new edition our experiences and readings will be added tot he book. On this unique location modern science works together with intuitive approaches, as ‘spiritual science’. A hopeful development!

When she tunes in on something or somebody, her whole life already she feels a certain vibration or frequency, and then some holographic information reveals itself. About a human being, or an animal, a house, forest or mountain. Everything has its own ‘energetic ID’, and she can see, scan and read it. In this case it concerns information about a pyramid.

What could be clarifying in this is the difference we make between what we call little ‘m’ and big ‘M’. Little ‘m’ (in Dutch ‘mens’/human being) is about us as human beings with more or less possibilities, living in ease or difficulty,  in duality and individualism. Big ‘M’ is about the incomprehensible Mystery where we are part of inseparably: Metaphysical, Multidimensional, Magnificent and a lot More, the collective ‘Endless Consciousness’ (as Dutch heartsurgeon Pim van Lommel named that once).

A lot of people are searching around as a little ‘m’, but ideally we are here on earth a flourishing mMmmMMmmM-human being, with our ‘m&M’ conscious and connected. Little ‘m’ Aafke Douma in this case has a very clear connection with her big ‘M’, the Mysteryhologram or Consciousness where all information is available in ‘no-time’.


Zooming in on the Sunpyramid this has a very big impact on her physically, where she really has to get used to. After a while Aafke calms down and is able to speak ‘as the pyramid itself’. In this way the following information comes to us (a very short summary of a recorded session of 60 minutes):

‘The Sunpyramid is a kind of energy-engine that is active again since 2008. The energy and radiance of it will become stronger and stronger the coming years, which will have a harmonizing effect on all people involved and the world as a whole. The form of the pyramid and the concrete cover will take care that the energy stays focused. The pyramid-energy is vitalizing and expands Consciousness.

The Sunpyramid ‘has a heartbeat’, the energy is pulsating rythmically from a core at 2/3 of the pyramid. This core seems to be a giant etherical oval-shaped crystal, that like a kind of prisma pushes energy upwards and downwards with every pulse. Coming years this pyramid-energy will be felt more, coming out more and more widely.

(In sept 2016 we clairvoyantly measured that the pyramid was ‘8% active’, in june 2017 that was 10%, now in sept 17 it is 14% already. It is rapidly speeding up?)

More acceptance will come for this this location, with more visitors and more archeological discoveries. New tunnels will be found, new chambers with specific ‘new energies’ (like the ‘Healing Chamber’ at Ravne now). Modern science will find more widely accepted ‘proof’. And more…

As essence this is said by the Sunpyramid: ‘Just Be. More Human Being, less Human Doing.’

All this you can feel very well in Visoko on and near the Sunpyramid: people become quiet and still, a lovely loving sensation. This warm feeling must be what attracts many to this place as a tourist or volunteer, and gives them a reason to return again.


Dr. Sam Osmanagich also asked Aafke questions deep inside the Ravne-tunnels, about two km from the Sunpyramid. An enormous tunnelnetwork is spiraling under the Visoko-area (as seen with geo-scans). Through these tunnels energy is streaming and seems to bundle to the ‘heartcrystal’ of the Sunpyramid. These tunnels are also connected to many other pyramids. Very remarkable to experience is that breathing 300 m deep inside underground is very easy and refreshing, something like breathing on a mountaintop

During two Akashic Records Readings we contact completely unexpectedly the ‘Minocho’, as they let us call them. They are ‘beings from the 14th dimension’, and show themselves als oily-coloured oval-shaped energyforms, about half a meter big, and hyperintelligent.
Aafke feels a pure energy she never felt before this way. And that is what these Minocho have to offer: ‘to reclaim your purity’. This location with tunnels and pyramids is created by them and works energetically on ‘remembering your originality’.

Minocho live in an eternal now, without time/space, they ARE. And they once (they mention about 55.000 years ago in human time) ‘instantly created’ these pyramids, with a kind of thinking-power. Minocho do not live only in these Bosnian pyramids, they are everywhere. By tuning in you can notice the loving and pure feelings you can also feel on the Sunpyramid. Aafke compares the moving Minocho-energy with newborn babies: pure BEING.

(Who wants to read these complete Akashic Records Readings with dr. Sam Osmanagich, Aafke Douma, Rob Heiligers and the Minocho (resp. 50 min. and 30 min.) can see the site: (NATURALCentreConsciousness&Flourish)
Go to ‘nieuws’ and find the English texts over there)

All this is probably very hard to imagine for us little ‘m’- human mortals. Still we’ll try to give words to something where words are very limited. As said before it is about BEING. And that is All and Nothing at the same time. Your Consciousness. Your own PURITY…
Also it is important to realize that looking from ‘m&M’ these Minocho are part of ourselves, of our ever-expanding Consciousness, of our big ‘M’/Mysteryhologram. Of something pure in our hearts. Something essential shows itself as projections of pure Consciousness inside and from ourselves.


To try to explain about other dimensions and about ‘what Multidimensional is’, Aafke has some metaphorical insights to share. We all know how film-projections went from flickering black/white to colour, to 2D and 3D, and now Virtual Reality techniques are developing. Like this it will go on, also in our human development. More and more Consciousness expanding, we’ll get ‘new eyes’, a broader and wider field of vision. Something like this…

Also she mentiones a ‘holographic pizza’ as possibly helpful image of multidimensional. Imagine a pizza with 16 slices for example. We human beings are on ‘pizzaslice 3rd dimension’ (4th/5th?). Aafke can naturally hop to all dimensions, and receive information there. Also she says that 16 dimensions is limited thinking, probably ‘Endless Consciousness’ is a better description.

Minocho can ‘dimension-hop’. Where they want to be they ARE, without time/space limitations in an eternal NOW. So they hop all over the pizza, through all parallel dimensions, completely effortless. And not in flat 2D but in ‘holographic BEING’.
Yes, words are quite limited. And we can hardly understand. Maybe we can feel it?


Some can already feel or see Minocho. These Minocho let us know that now they want to be known, they want to be public. This pure Consciousness, our originality, is available again. And that they are part of us, of our Metaphysical Multidimensional Magnificent Mystery. In essence: we ARE Minocho…

We ourselves work with this ‘Bosnian Pyramid Energy’ as we call it. You can use it anywhere, in our practice, during meetings and lectures, in workshops, in our whole life. This energy presents a loving and quiet feeling of PURITY.


We started this story with the fact that there are real pyramids in Bosnia & Herzegovina. And that more and more information is coming out about what these so earthly present pyramids have to say. It is an unprecedented wide spectre of information: from ‘impossible concrete’ to Akashic Records Readings about Minocho-beings from a parallel dimension and their ‘instant creations’. It shows how rich and comprehensive these discoveries in the Valley of the Pyramids are.

Since 2005 visitors from 62 countries travelled to Visoko to see themselves this ‘new miracle’. Every two years there are scientific congresses (as ‘spiritual science’) to evaluate the latest discoveries. We will be there again in the end of sept./beginning of oct. 17 with two groups from the Netherlands, to continue our own clairvoyant research. We hope to inspire others with this spiritual information.

We are also very curious how this will develop with this more and more active Sunpyramid as ‘pure energymachine’. And it is to expect that there will be many more pyramids around the world, connected to the same expanding Consciousness.

Rob Heiligers  2017
(NATURAL Centre for Consciousness & Flourish)




Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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