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Many participants in this year’s Foundation project “Expedition to the Bosnian Pyramids with volunteering” have decided to spend their vacations actively in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Visoko instead of some tourist summer destinations. A young couple from Paris made the same decision, and instead of spending the summer time at the Cote D’Azur they chose to be far away from the sea and sand, working in Visoko at the Bosnian Pyramids.

– I found out about the project three years ago on the Internet, where I have accidentally run into an interesting presentation by Dr. Sam Osmanagich. That’s when I’ve decided to come to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and now three years later I’m back together with my girlfriend. She couldn’t imagine that this is so good, that everybody is one big family and that we all have a special communication and relationship. – said Cristobal Pecquiur, who came to Visoko from France. 

He says he’s met many open and wonderful people, but the experts as well, and that it is interesting to be the part of this team and the project.

– I’m especially amazed by the beauties of Bosnia-Herzegovina, everything is somehow full of love, positive energy, the people are very good hosts and in a friendly mood. The first time I was surprised, but this is why I’ve decided to come back again. In France, people are somehow closed, hard to reach, but here in this country and among these people, I feel much freer. Everything is much easier, starting from the communication to meeting people, therefore, also from this aspect, it’s been a special pleasure and I can say that we will certainly come back here many times – Cristobal said.

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