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Red Bull Sky Dive team: Flight over the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

(Announcement of Red Bull Bosnia-Herzegovina, October 18, 2017.)

In past days, our country hosted the Red Bull Skydive Team, a group of superior parachutist and aerial acrobats from Salzburg, Austria. The reason for their coming is the story about the pyramids in Visoko, which has tickled their imagination and so they’ve decided to come to the location and perform a couple skydives and observe the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids from the air.

When Dr. Sam Osmanagich announced in 2005 that he has discovered the largest and the oldest pyramid complex in the world, he caused a real storm in the scientific circles and the public – not only in our country but also divided opinions about their existence.

More than a decade later it still attracts attention and the word about it reached the Red Bull Skydive Team. They didn’t lose the time, they’ve packed their gear – the parachutes and skydive suits – and headed down to Visoko. 

“Everyone has heard about the pyramids in Egypt. But we’ve heard that something even more mysterious is researched down here in Bosnia, so we came here to see ourselves,” says Marco Waltenspiel who has been before in our country: at the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition in Mostar last year, when he and his colleague Dominic Roithmair have amazed the spectators flying with the parachutes under the Old Bridge and “landed” in Neretva River.

The passion of this unusual company is pinpointing the unique locations all around the world and performing the extraordinary acrobatics in the air. They’ve dived from the aeroplane, helicopter, from the mountains, skyscrapers, bridges, over the active volcanoes… They record their adventures with fascinating photography and video clips. 

And so they did in Visoko: dressed in the skydiving suits, they’ve dived from the plane above the Valley of the Pyramids and flew over the Pyramid of the Sun for a couple of turns. Flying in a formation, they’ve enjoyed the sunny weather, blue skies and the magnificent sight below. You can see their flight in the video. 

Aside from the view from the air, they’ve visited the sites on the ground and the underground tunnel network.

“I think that it’s really hard not to see that there is something here”, these are the words of a team member. “It’s a privilege to fly above something like this and see it from the air.”

The guys were very interested in what they have seen in Visoko, but as they say, they can’t give the final answers. However, what is certain is that their visit and the material they’ve recorded will be a great promotion of Bosnia-Herzegovina and its natural beauties, with which they were amazed. At the end of the video clip, they said that Bosnia-Herzegovina is very beautiful and that they will be coming back.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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