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At the Congress hall of the “Barcelo” Hotel in Milan, on Saturday, November 18, 2017, there was a grand promotion of Dr Sam Osmanagich’s book “Pyramids in Bosnia and Around the World”. The long-awaited presentation was visited by 500 people, leaving many on the waiting list, unable to attend this unique event.

Warmly welcomed, Dr Sam Osmanagich held a presentation on the discovery and the chronology of the Bosnian Pyramid project. He spoke inspiringly and extensively about the archaeological and interdisciplinary scientific aspect of the pyramids in Visoko, the energy phenomena, and the influence on the spiritual and physical health. The project is presented as the most transparent archaeological project in the world, which has attracted, only in the past eight years, 2,900 volunteers from 62 countries of the world and six continents.

Osmanagich emphasized the significant contribution of the Italian experts. Anthropologist Professor Paolo Debertolis from the University of Trieste in many years of his research in Visoko has proven the existence of the electromagnetic and ultrasound phenomena at the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and inside the prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne. Doctor Simone Zoccarato has proven in September 2017 through medical analysis that the stay inside the Tunnels Ravne and exposure to the energies of the pyramids induce the detoxification process.

During the presentation, the Director of the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation gave ten scientific criteria for the definition of pyramids. They undoubtedly prove that the pyramids are the energy machines. Therefore, the true purpose of the pyramids was never to represent the tombs for the royalty, in fact, the pyramid’s energy was used for the most important community functions: communication, health protection, refinement of the molecular structure of the water and food, betterment of the immune system, enhancement of the bioenergetic field (aura) and better chakra balance, development of the spiritual senses, prevention of catastrophic volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 

Interrupted many times by the erupting applauses of the people present, Osmanagich spoke about the energy of the pyramids as the pure and free energy, drawing the parallel with Nikola Tesla’s work on the free flow of the knowledge, on the transparency of the science, and on the balance of the physical and spiritual life in harmony with nature. He invited all the present to visit the Bosnian Pyramids and Visoko.

The ovations he received at the end of the presentation are a definite sign of the support for the project and Foundation that is coming from Italy. After the presentation, hundreds of visitors wanted to personally congratulate to Osmanagich, to shake hands with him, to give him the messages of support, to take photos with him and to get the signature of the book.

This lecture and the book presentation have left deep impressions on the Italians and already many of them have announced their visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina next year.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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