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Written by: Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

November 2017

Invited by the organization “Brahma Kumaris – World Spiritual University”, Mount Abu, I’ve spent eight days in India, the state of Rajasthan. I was deeply impressed with their life philosophy, spirituality, organization, and role in the local community.

A striking example is an initiative born in 2011, about the construction of a solar power plant. In the interest of reducing the carbon-dioxide pollution and use of the clean solar energy, a small team has set out on a very ambitious task. Since the state of Rajasthan has 260 days of sunshine per year in the vicinity of their residence at the holy mountain, Mount Abu, the choice to use the Sun as the source of free and clean energy was logic.

Only the technical challenges remained to be solved. For the first time in the world, the Brahma Kumaris members implemented their idea into the unique praxis.

In order to “track” the sunbeam energy, they have built 770 parabolic plates with mounted mirrors. At the same time, they have constructed the iron frame manufacturing plant. It took them one year to make the prototype. With the tempo such as this one, it would take 770 years to finish the project.

Working on the production and efficiency advancements, they have managed to increase the productivity to five panels a day. The project started in 2011 and it has finished in 2016.

For the best efficiency, they have organized their own production of bent mirrors. They started mounting the parabolic panels. Their mass of ten tons required the precision and compliance with the security regulations. The entire plant is constructed without any accidents at work. The surface of the mirrors is 60 square meters, the size of a two bedroom apartment.

The next requirement was to gain the sunlight’s maximum effect. They have developed three ways on how to track the Sun. The daily rhythm was the first: hence, East-West. The Sun rises in East, so in the morning, the panels are directed towards the sunrise. As the Sun moves towards the horizon, the computer system starts the rotation mechanism of the metal constructions which follow. I was observing the metal frames: every couple of seconds the rolls turn, the plate aligns with the position of Sun in the sky. 

The second tracking system is the seasonal one. In fact, during the winter months, the Sun is moving lower on the horizon, closer to the South. In spring and fall it is higher, and during the summer it is right above us. Therefore, the second tracking route was South-North.

The third tracking system related to compression and expansion (opening-closing) of the parabolic plate metal construction. Namely, in order to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to slightly open or close the plate to have better sunbeam concentration and their reflection on the mirrors.

The Indian team performed the computer programming of these three ways of Sun tracking.

The ancient civilizations have observed the movement of the sun: daily, seasonal, and annual. The pattern of the India One project was the sunflower. It is turning to the sun during the year. In the morning, it opens towards the East and follows the Sun into the sunset in the West. Different seasons provide a different angle of the sunflower’s rotation with the beneficial sun rays. For the best effect and better preservation of the heat, the sunflower slightly opens or closes when needed. 

Thereby, the project “India One” simply followed the nature.

The sunlight is reflected, cast back to the metal box that is placed across the plates. The sunbeams enter this box trough the half-meter wide opening.

In order to send a maximum quantity of the radiation into the centre of this opening, they use the camera (CCTV), which maintains the connection with the centre of the metal box with the laser beam.

There is a big piece of solid iron inside the box. Taking into account that the sunlight concentrated is radiating for eight to nine hours a day into this piece of iron, it is quite logic that the iron gets heated. The temperature of the iron reaches 600 degrees Celsius.

The next phase answers the question on how to use this heated iron? The water was brought with pipes and it runs through the centre of the iron piece. The water evaporates in the connection with the super-hot iron and it rises to the upper part if the box. The temperature of the steam reaches 250-450 degrees. The second set of the pipes is placed in the upper part of the box to direct the steam. The high temperature and constant steam supply create the high pressure.

The pipes direct the steam to the crossing point with the next metal box, and the next one…

The central pipe enters the plant where is the Siemens Steam Turbine. The steam runs the turbines, and the turbine starts the generator which generates the electric energy. Of course, the diesel operated turbine, natural gas, coal, etc., are available as well.

However, this is the clean energy, sunbeams, water, steam, without pollution.

But, what makes this project so unique?

Brahma Kumaris philosophy is to create a new paradigm in which will realize the connection between the spirituality and the development of new, clean energy technology. They have 7,000 meditation centres in India and 800 worldwide. More than one million persons consider themselves Brahma Kumaris (“daughters of Brahma”). They start the day with a meditation. If they have business challenges (issues), they choose meditation, looking for the solutions.

Actually, at the time they got the idea to enter this project (of course, trough the meditation in which they connect with the cosmic spirit, the creator, the “Supreme Soul”) they did not have almost any resources of funding or knowledge. A couple of engineers started a global-size and innovative project. The Indian Government has not supported the project (it joined later), nor have the foreign experts (later the German Government joined too), nor the big corporations (afterwards, the Siemens joined).

It all began with a vision, not the money. Focusing on the resolving the problems have caused to overcome all of the difficulties.

For example, one time they were late with paying off the salaries because there was no money in the bank account. The team decided to go for a group meditation and focused on how to resolve this financial problem. Tomorrow they will found out that one fan of Brahma Kumaris from Europe has left in the testament a large sum of money to this organization, so finally they could pay the salaries. It seems that the Universe has responded to their pleas, or the God as they say, or the Supreme Spirit. 

The team of 36 people, engineers and managers, people on the plant maintenance, is volunteering. They don’t get the salary. Brahma Kumaris provides them with the shelter, food, transportation, conference travels, and other needs in return.

“India One” project of the thermal plant is operative, unlike the other solar plants, for 24 hours per day. In fact, the sunlight heats the iron up to that point that it remains hot for 16 hours when there is no sunshine. In this way, the steam is created during all 24 hours what provides the continuous work of the plant.

After the generator produces the energy, the transmission lines bring the electricity to the other locations of Brahma Kumaris. Actually, the camp in which I stayed for eight days is supplied by the electricity from this plant. Its power is 1 MW and it can cover the electricity needs of 25,000 consumers.

It is beautiful to see that the values, the moral and the meditation of Brahma Kumaris stand behind this project validated by the involvement of the state institutions.

At the deserted land, there are the fruit and vegetable plantations constructed. On a daily basis, there are visits by the interested parties (from experts to excursions). The staff power plant organizes the meditation courses and drug addiction rehab treatments of the local inhabitants.  

This is not just a power plant; it is the school of life in the future.


We consist of three entities: physical, spiritual and mental. Our physical body is for one use only and it is wrapped around our soul. Our soul is almost eternal and inside itself, it hides a small particle, the spirit. Our spirit is the part of the Creator in all of us and it is eternal. During the terrestrial life, the soul utilizes the human emotions to understand the reality and it continues existing after the disappearance of the body. Using our intellect, we can reach all three entities: physical, spiritual and mental.

The soul is not there just to feel the material reality through the human physical senses. At the same moment, it enriches people. Their relation might be described by the relation of the rider and the horse. The horse is an intelligent animal, but the rider directs the horse with the determined attitude, but full of love at the same time.

The soul sophisticates the human with its love and enables to overpower that animalistic, negative, the destructive thing inside us. It makes possible to overcome the fears.

The human of the future is the connection between the physical and spiritual, an interaction of the nobilities of the physical world and the self-confidence and the light of the spiritual world.

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