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By: Fred Mistele

A few years ago, a man armed with an open mind and determination, saw a pyramid in Bosnia. Despite obstacles put in his way, he began to remove the sediment which time had deposited. As the sediment was removed, the pyramid revealed information about its design, building materials, and construction method. Nothing is ever built without a reason. The purpose of the pyramid is the production and focus of energy. The use of this focused energy can be debated. The Giza pyramids have the same characteristics. 

A remarkable thing about the Bosnian pyramid is that it is being allowed to tell its own story. A complex structure or idea is easier to understand when taken piecemeal. The uncovering is being done, by and large, by average people without any specialized knowledge or skill. They come from different countries, speaking different languages, but still the work gets done. Some have come more than once. Each person has their own reason for being part of this project. Some have said their physical and/or mental well-being improved after being there. This may not justify building such an enormous structure, but it is certainly a worth while by product.

The Giza pyramids have been called one of the wonders of the ancient world for centuries. Countless people have climbed up, around, and into them looking for answers. Unfortunately, few have been found, due in part because they were looking at the pyramids in their entirety. There was nothing to compare/contrast. Now, with the Bosnian pyramid, humanity's knowledge can be increased exponentially. This, in spite of the alleged 'experts' who cling tenaciously to the idea that they are tombs, built with copper tools, wooden rollers, and slaves.

Science is telling us that energy is the only thing that exists. This will certainly get the attention of philosophy and religion. The idea that free, unlimited energy can be made available will be welcomed by all. The idea that all we are is energy will stop many in their tracks.

At this point, we have the pyramids which demonstrate the application of knowledge humanity once had. We are reacquiring that knowledge.

We can understand that energy, free and unlimited, is the foundation of humanity, our world, and the universe.

The last piece of this cosmic puzzle is human nature. Humanity can be seen as a collective of individuals. We are, after all, unique. In order to assimilate and internalize this new information, it is important to understand how it is translated into human nature. Individual self understanding is required. Humanity evolves at a snail pace, but the individual can make a quantum leap.

(Dr. Osmanagich, Congratulations on your discovery and overcoming the obstacles put in your way.  You have made a great contribution to human knowledge, well, at least mine.
I have discovered the explanation of human nature, life, and reality. Example, it answers the paradox between ‘we are one vs we are unique’. When I connected the dots between your discoveries, the information in the Pyramid Code, and human nature, the universe unfolded and all was revealed. I now have a three pillared foundation to explain everything. No more opinion.
One new idea often has difficulty getting traction, two new ideas invite comparison and contradiction, but three new ideas become an irresistible force. Imagine how the world would benefit if these three ideas were presented together.
Best wishes,
Fred Mistele)

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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