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Written by: Dr Sam Osmanagich

November 2017

I came to the small city of Miamisburg in Ohio. Straight from the plains, I could see the top of the conical mound. I did not need the navigation during the last few kilometres of driving. I have parked my car and it is the only one around.

In a beautifully maintained park, the great tumulus catches the attention with its height and geometrical perfectness: Miamisburg Mound! 50,000 cubic meters of soil and construction material were used for it. Its circumference is 270 meters and it is 20 meters tall. This is one of two greatest tumuli on the Eastern USA registered in the National Historic Location List.

Miamisburg Mound is located in the exact geometrical centre of the flat green area. For the moment, it reminds me of the Giza Plateau and the incredible work on the perfect levelling of the stone surface. 

The conventional scientific opinion is that this is the Adena culture monument, constructed 2,500 years ago. Unfortunately, there was only one serious recorded attempt of the effort in revealing of this artificial mound's secret, and this happened 150 years ago.

The story is an interesting one, and, therefore, I will quote the text from the Dayton Daily News on February 28, 1932:

“Miamisburg Mound Opening Day”

“It was July 22, 1869. The research started at the Mammoth Mound in Dr Jon Treon’s farm near Miamisburg. On several occasions in the past, the excavations were performed, but the workers were petrified by the blunted sound every time it came from the mound, so they had stopped the diggings. Sometimes, they discovered skeletons with much greater size than the people are today…

In the first days of excavation, from Wednesday to Thursday, they have reached 10 meters deep. A human skeleton was discovered in a sitting position turned to the east. It seems that they have left the skeleton near to the former surface, covering it with earth and clay. Deeper underground, they have discovered boards, stacked one on the other, in the angle of 45 degrees, and similar dimensions. It is possible that these stone boards created the exterior wall…”

In terms of the Miamisburg Mound’s purpose, the assumptions are that this is a tomb (because of the smaller number of skeletons when compared with the similar mounds, this theory was rejected) a temple, a fortress or a mound for signal emission (?), positioned in a sequence with the other similar mounds.

Therefore, the smoke signals, Natives, and soon enough the Cowboys will join here too, following this logic. Let us hope that the contemporary geophysical methods will determine the precise structure of this tumulus, with the passages and resonant chambers, and the underground energy sources.

At several locations, I have measured the magnetic field:

-    In the car, 200 meters away from the location: 70-76 microtesla

-    At the mound’s base: 52-53 microtesla

-    At the top of the mound: 40-42 microtesla

-    Five meters below the top and metal fence: 36 microtesla

No ultrasound.

This was the time to peek at the energy coat and see if I can get the additional information.


The first tomb of the original architects. It is 3,5 meters tall. They are buried under the ground. The access road was constructed below the mound and carefully closed later. The group of locals that was employed in this endeavour was relocated later.  

The original purpose was different. This is the part of the landscape’s energy bloodstream. The conical geometry form created the energy beam (still present today), and the energy swirls inside the form. The energy lines are below (“lay lines”). The water is not flowing directly under the tumulus, it is a little bit further away, but the water’s energy fills out the underground passages. There are other energy lines present there, but I am not familiar with their origin or the definition.

During my previous incarnation, as a teenager, I was a part of the construction of one enclosure in Ohio, conscious of the presence of the visitors.

Does my reasoning or my unconscious I, effect on this image that I am trying to describe?

The answer: “Your past has the effect”


I was just getting ready to write the conclusion on my visit to Miamisburg when a glance over the photography reminded me that I have captured a yellow energy ball on five copies. I found it later on the photography, month after, but this time on the European continent, in Visoko, at the “Park Ravne 2”: exactly the same height from the ground, same dimensions, same colour, I was thinking to myself.

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