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Written by: Dr Sam Osmanagich

November 2017

My fourth stop in Ohio takes me to the Licking County via State Route 79, near the city of Newark. At least two-thousand-year-old enormous earthworks are known today as the “Newark Earthworks” with the “Great Circle Earthworks” which stands out the most. The earth circle has the diameter of almost 400 meters. The circle is perfect. The other geometrical shapes create another circle, oval, octagon, long walls… This section only is also the greatest earthen geometric complex on the Planet. In their construction, the builders had to move millions of cubic meters of the earth.

The height of the earth walls varies from 1, 5 to 4, 5 meters. Near the walls, there is an excavated trench, two to four meters deep. The earth walls consist of different layers: dark brown soil at the surface, and the brighter, yellow-brown soil inside. Archeologists assume that this had symbolical significance for the builders.

In my opinion, this is about the different conductivity of the material.

The inscription on the spot is informing me::

“The main axis of Newark’s Octagon Earthworks marks the northernmost rising of the Moon. The earthworks include additional alignments to all other key lunar rise and set points in a cycle that takes 18, 6 years to complete. Yet, the Octagon is not an astronomical observatory. Aligning their architecture with cosmic rhythms was one way in which the ancient Native American builders marked these places as sacred.”

(I am not sure that I follow the logic of the author’s inscription.)

Unlike many earthworks and tumulus, destroyed in a systematic manner during the last quarter of the 19th century by the Smithsonian Institute, by the irresponsible owners or by the American industrialization, this complex was preserved. In 1854, this location was used by the local community to hold the fairs and gatherings, and later in 1932, it was passed into the hands of the Ohio Historical Society.

The magnetism measurements: 

-    Inside the car, at the park’s entrance: 111-117 microteslas

-    Alongside the grid of the land mound of the Great Circle: mild 40 microteslas

There is no ultrasound.

This was the time for the last focused meditation in Ohio.


Tumulus across America represents the brightest of the stars. Squares and rectangles – sectors of the stellar sky. The circles – “rotating stars”. The Canals – energy streams between the stars and galaxies, used for travelling.

The large territorial scope of the USA today, was utilized to:

(1)    Represent the map of the stellar sky

(2)    To establish the energy stream between all constructions

(3)    Tumulus – visitors were buried inside some of them

(4)    In others, the local people and the great dignitaries found the eternal resting place.

The passages were excavated under the tumulus and cylindrical mounds. The Smithsonian Institute had revealed the most important facts about these structures, the discovered artefacts and skeletons (some of them are pretty unusual). 

The cosmic relationship got its confirmation. But, it should not be reduced only to the level of lunar characteristics. This is a part of a much bigger cosmic map.

There are 41,000 earthen enclosures in Ohio today, and an even bigger number of them was destroyed or not yet discovered (covered by the ground).


During the focused meditation I have received the final answers. Indeed, the North American territory was used in the past as the large multidimensional cosmic map. The energy streams are established, the light bulbs (tumulus) are ignited, the switches (earth structures) are turned and switched on, space is electrified with the wireless system (underground stream of various energies), and, the great life and cosmos school/map/device is operational. 

This is why I was right to call this cycle: Ohio - the greatest earthworks in the Planet’s history – cosmic energy bloodstream.


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