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In the mining industry dictionary, term “forehead” represents the section of the mine where new diggings are performed, following the ore or coal. In the terminology used by employees of the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, the forehead represents the section of the tunnel where operations are currently being performed and marking of the covered tunnel whose clearing is in progress.

In summer 2017, there has been a discovery of a tunnel with water, which stretched 70 meters in the south direction. At the end of this tunnel, there was an extension found, but it was filled with gravel material. The Foundation’s team decided to reach this section of the tunnel by (1) filling-in the portion of the water tunnel with gravel, and (2) to bypass the other section of the tunnel with water by another parallel tunnel. In the beginning of January 2018, the Foundation’s workers reached the former end of the tunnel and started to clear out the filler material.

Several meters after, the structure of the filler material started to change. Instead of gravel, stone and sand, there was humid clay material discovered.

Even though the conglomerate in which the tunnel was constructed is relatively compact making safe and stable area, the work was not left as a matter of chance. The Foundation’s team for the construction of the wooden support in the tunnels, is keeping pace with the forehead workers, installing the support. The electrician of the Foundation also installed the LED lightning all the way to the forehead. The oxygen level is measured on a regular basis and it is at the ideal 21 percent. The filler material will be cleared out continuously and compass will be used to follow the direction of the tunnel.

At the present moment, the forehead is 400 meters away from the entrance to the Tunnels Ravne.

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