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Through Sergey Kanashevsky, Russia

(Magazine "WORLD CHENELING: Spiritual Messages [1])

Hi, my dear! I am a Magnetic Service Freight.

Now we have the opportunity to get historical information not only in archaeological or other scientific ways. Making people's contact with the Spiritual World makes it possible to combine the efforts of scholars and esotericists. Science is essentially an ezotheral, "external" cognitive path. Kineling, human communication with the Spiritual world - isotropic, "inner" path. Now, as never before, these two ways of exploring the world have to complement each other, be united, and be inseparable from one another. In addition, the level of knowledge will shift to a qualitatively different, significantly higher level. The transmitters of spiritual intelligence, cannons can and should be called to shave shoulders with scientists, researchers. The cooperation between scientists and esotericists has already begun and evolves. It will promote the acquisition of new knowledge that is very important for mankind. Will create new fields of science. The pace of human development multiplies, based on the acquisition of multidimensional knowledge
And so, a completely important scientific, archaeological discovery. Researchers have discovered pyramids in Europe [2]. Until then, pyramids were found in Africa, South and North America, Asia, the world's ocean underwater world. It becomes obvious that the Pyramid of the planet is something that is necessary, very important. They are present everywhere. Since nearly all the pyramidal mountains (externally reminiscent of the pyramids) are ancient, very old and oldest pyramids. The history of the existence of civilization on the Earth's surface can not be described in a single article or even in a single, solid historical volume. IT'S REAL MILLION YEARS. Because Earth is a fairly ancient planet of this universe. And each of the civilizations, living on the surface of the planet, was engaged in building pyramids. They were of different shapes, of different sizes, interacting with each other in different ways. But their main task is to receive and transmit energy. It is not about the energy of your quaternary Space. It is about multidimensional energy. The Earth's pyramids took part in and participated in the multidimensional exchange of energy - between different planets, between different worlds, in the process. The four-dimensional world of the Earth is neither the beginning nor the end point in the great multidimensional energy exchange process. She is just the stage in this process. But the pyramids are one of the most important instruments that contribute to this process. The nature of the future energy of the planet has changed in different times. The planet itself, as the energetic stage, has changed energy vibrations, played various roles in the process of cosmic energy exchange.
I have already said it repeatedly and repeatedly. For the understanding of today's processes, we have a very important PERIODS LAST SIMULT FOR LONG TIME. Because this is precisely the stage of our Experiment with Duality. Your immersion in the density of matter is the final stage. And you, as people, as human civilization representatives, are directly related to this period. Although, of course, your roles in previous civilizations are important and very exciting. Now it's time for people to come back to their true historical roots - not the ones that are spoken about in your school textbooks. But these roots need to be searched first in the times of Lemuria.

The preparation of Lemurian civilization for her expression in this realm began before 100 908 years. The planetary temporal pace at that stage was considerably slower. It took more than 65,000 years to go through the stage of the creation of the creatures that your scientists now call Homo Sapiens. In turn, this stage can be divided into three stages.
1. Before 100 908 years - 75 300 years ago. Breeding, mental-genetic work, Homo Sapiens as a species creation. The Light Family performed MUCH WORK FOR THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN GENOME CREATION. The task was fulfilled, so that the external (physical) human body could, based on the dense layers of the four-dimensionality, function even in the higher worlds. I speak therefore about the genetic diversity of the multi-dimensional SELECTIVE MATERIAL. Many people from the present times participated in this activity.

2. Before 75 300 years - before 38,200 years. Generated Homo Sapiens Generation of this four dimensional space world. Multi-dimensional Human GENOMA Enhancement.

3. Before 38,200 years - before 35,275 years. Development of a civilized society. The emergence of Lemuria as the oldest society, the further evolution of the representative of a modern and enduring species of human being. More precisely - the spiritually-intelligent person. Because the Lemurians were originally from HOMO SPIRITUS, that is HUGE PEOPLE. And then after that - it's wise. The reason for the Lemurians was not dominant. The people were led by the right hemisphere, responsible for the relationship with the Spiritual world.
What happened 35 275 years ago? The LEMURIAN CITIZEN CIESTER JOINT COUNCIL, which united all the different Lemurian peoples, was formed. There were a number of other important events that contributed to the unification of the Lemurian civilization.

It's time to find out: those who we now call the Lemurians lived not only on the Lemurian continent (northwest of today's Australia). The Lemurians also lived in Africa, Europe and South America.

The united people, which we now call the Lemurians, is the fruit of the four different races of unification. In addition, all races originally lived on the same continent - Lemuria. And only at a certain stage of development, they were accommodated on other continents and islands. When the Supreme Priests' Unified Council was established, the Lemurians were already living on different continents. From the moment of the merger, the development of the Lemurians began to take place at an accelerated pace. Civilization hosted a new start for the construction of a wonderful human community.

It is important to note that the incarnated Lemurians maintained very close contact with the Planetary Chambal - the Earth's Spiritual Government. Therefore, it always worked on the recommendations of your Spiritual Teachers. They were well-informed that they were part of the Big Experiment. They were familiar with the historical perspective of human civilization and had gone through a mission that they were facing in front of them. This mission is the creation of the necessary conditions for the civilization of modern people. One of the main tasks was to reduce the level of vibration of the planet, and specifically of your four dimensional world.
Dear friends! My beloved Angels! Speaking imaginatively, we have the task of reaching out by hand ... to the very thickest "edge" of the material - to the level of the FIRST, the most dense, DIMENSION zero. In order to "attach" to it, start the "ALLOWANCE", its TRANSFORMATION. It is astounding, a multidimensional, very complex and beautiful WORK OF ALL LIGHT FAMILIES. We are long and steadily creating it. Because the Birth of the New Universe, the Millions of New Worlds, takes place in the footsteps of the Wonderful Transformation. Our Great Experiment is a very important part of this work. The Lemurians became the Family Desire of the Light, who undertook a preparatory work for the next "placdarmam". On this, five thousand years ago, "the" mankind "ran" to start fulfilling the main and responsible task - the input into the bulky material and the output from its qualitatively newly enhanced version of the vibrations.

All of the Earth's pyramids have played and played a particularly important role in the PLANETARY ENERGY VIBRATION LEVEL. The number of pyramids on the planet's expense, at the expense of their size, form, on the layout of each other at the expense of others, changed the quality and quantity of planetary energy and, accordingly, attention! - The fundamental wave vibration frequency of your planetary space-time continuum has also changed. Pyramid - this is one of the instruments changing the parameters of the planetary energy or, conversely, leaving them unchanged for some time.

The Mental Government of the Planet (Shambala) has repeatedly tasked the LEMURIAN CITIZEN CITIZENS 'SINGLE COUNCIL to build pyramidal complexes on this or another continent. The pyramids of the Bosnian, the pyramids in the center of Europe, became the pyramids that the Lemurians built first! After that, they built the pyramids in both South America, North America, Asia and North Africa. However, I draw your attention to the fact that other pyramids existed even before the beginning of the lemurian civilization. Their age is, accordingly, more than one hundred thousand years. Many famous mountains - these are distant past artificially built pyramids. An example of this is the well-known mountain Kailass, built by members of the Arimonian civilization, whose images are depicted in your ancient cultures (in this case, Krajons speaks of four-character Indian gods - S.K.

The pyramid complex, a researcher found in Bosnia, originally consisted of ten pyramids. The five pyramids found are the eastern part of a single pyramidal complex. Its western part has not survived, as the blast was destroyed - just over 13 thousand years ago. The complex of ten pyramids was one integral, being one of the most important transformers, reducing energy vibration. Therefore, as a decline in planetary vibration, the phase of compaction of matter lasted for many thousands of years, it was realized gradually. But without this general function, the European pyramidal complex has its own specifics. The complex targeted energy from the Sirius star system - the Milky Way Milky Way galaxy. Therefore, it is not accidental that the largest pyramid of the Bosnian Pyramid, Sun Pyramid. In fact she called that. Only then did the pyramid carry the spiritual galactic Sun, which the Lemurians called "SOELARUS" - "SOELJARUS [3]". In the translation of modern times this meant "Merging with the holy spiritual center." That is, the pyramid center of Europe in Bosnia - it is the center of unity with the spiritual galactic center. The Lemurians then built other structures here, which today can be called temples for sacred ministries.

The construction of the pyramid complex began at 31 276 years and ended before 31 265 years (i.e., 11 years later, the comment of S.K.). Unfortunately, today's material age detection methods will not be able to validate this date. Because RESPONSIBILITY CAN NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT OF ALL CHANGES IN THE CONTENTS OF YOUR PLANET-TIME. In this sense, I can give scientists only one but very important prompting: you can not view matter as a singular phenomenon of space-time manifestation. The time-space itself is not only uneven, unevenly distributed on your planet, but has also been subject to various locations for a variety of specific effects. And this means that your history, your matter, your time - are more complex than the present-day official science.

However, the date of construction of pyramids over 10 thousand years ago is a more progressive scientific view of the victory of the history of the development of human civilization. As the leading scientific elite binds the civilization to the beginning of the planet with later Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, looking into it only about 4-5 thousand years ago.

It should be noted that 98% of the Bosnian pyramids are made of natural natural material, when other materials made by the Lemurians from artificially created material have been extracted by special compression of energy. Two percent - these are special materials, the basis of which is formed partly from artificial matter, partly from natural material. It is precisely this approach to the creation of pyramidal structures that allows them to
The pyramidal Bosnian complex cameras found by researchers, saturated with negative ions, served no human recovery, as some imagined. The concentration of negative ions is the manifestation of the complex ATON-ELJIS work in your 4 dimensional body. In due course, scientists who spend time on energy will collide with the birth of negative ions as if "no where". However, a reasonable and scientific explanation will be found soon. For the time being, just note that the Pyramid Complex in general has played in Bosnia and will still play its part in the planetary Age, or rather the Space-Time, since in reality one can not be separated from each other in the Energy change. Currently, special energy comes to the Pyramid Bosnian complex, which will restructure the entire underground energy system by preparing it for a new kind of activity. It's not hard to say that the role of energy vibration is now. As a new era begins in your world. A physicist's affirmed Star of Light does not leave the Souljaruss pyramid, but enters it. It is an evidence of the ancient lemurian energy complex activation process material.

My dear ones! It is definitely not accidental that you, people, pay much attention to pyramids. And not only because it is an important form of mental-material energy. Many of you have raised the pyramids in previous incarnations. Many of you have lived side by side. Often you came to the native pyramids, returning to them again and again from the incarnation to the incarnation. "GIRL PIRAMIDES" ... This word combination is for you. And this statement has a multiplicative conceptual load. Native - because you are related to them. But the native is also because they bring with them the energy of the Mother's Mother, which is increasingly entering your life. Pyramids with heart and soul have served you for many millennia. They bring tremendous benefits to the planet, humanity now too. These pyramids are also native to you, because in your physical body there are pyramidal crystalline structures in your body of light that are energetically related to the planetary pyramids. You feel connected with them. You feel your unity with them. You feel their greatness ... And it's not accidental. The greatness of the pyramids is your greatness, beloved Angels from the Great Central Sun. They brought the energy of the Native Mental Home, the Great Central Solar Energy, with an amazing, lasting, multi-dimensional path in the universe. Then send your Love to the Pyramids of this planet ... Each of them ... For every creation of the Light of the Family arms. The pyramids are really native. They are very much needed for the planet, for people. Needed for the Great Transition - the total Earth and human uprising ... And that's it ... That's true.

With Love from the Creator's Heart -

Your krajons

January-February 2012CRAJONS
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