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Written by: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

For more than two centuries, Egyptology did not provide the answers to the most important questions: who is behind the most magnificent pyramids, megalithic constructions and largest obelisks that have ever been erected on the Egyptian soil? Also, there is no scientifically verifiable evidence on the date of their construction, or on the technology applied and the purpose of these constructions.

Nevertheless, the dogma imposed through the education system and media that is now generally accepted speaks about Pharaonic builders and funeral-religious purpose of these brilliant complexes.

With the age of the Internet, new forms of the manipulation are emerging. The Wikipedia, so-called “Peoples Encyclopedia”, became a powerful instrument in the hands of the elite. The most important entries is strictly controlled and used for the further manipulation. If you type any term from the time of Ancient Egypt, usually the first offered source in the browser is Wikipedia.

The pattern is in some cases as it is today, identical. In order to hide the truth, all data had to be forged. The story begins with the false names of the builders, it continues with the date and construction methodology, and it finishes with the function. Every different opinion is proclaimed as heresy and the independent researchers are marginalized.

Using the sample of sixteen most important achievements in construction of Ancient Egypt, we will easily prove the superficiality, naivety and inaccuracy of the Egyptology and the facts withdrawn from it and published on the Wikipedia website. We will need the experience and common sense. In addition, we will take a peek in the spiritual-energetic aspect in order to complete the possible answers.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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