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Ideas of the old vedas and the work of Nikola Tesla

Lecturer: Goran Marjanović, B.Sc.

Moderators: dr. Vladimir Ajdačić, dr. Miloje Rakocevic

Key statements:

 - Dr. Vladimir Ajdačić: Work of Nikola Tesla is one of the most beautiful topics, to talk about Tesla and his miraculous accomplishments and the depth of his perception of the things we are exploring.

 - Dr. Miloje Rakočević: Discover the phenomenon, understand the phenomenon, present it, reveal it and create something based on this phenomenon, if you understand it, create a device, create an opportunity for all humanity.
That was Nikola Tesla: scientist, inventor, creator, scientist over scientists. That's how he should be interpreted.

 - G. Marjanović, BSc: He intuitively came to the realization of how nature works, how this reality works, and he intuitively applied all its principles, not knowing them, nor ever mentioning in his diary any of basic cosmic constants, Pi nor fi, etc., but by his work, efforts, persistence, by endless changes he has reached the perfection of his apparatus - that the application of these constants provides.
And that's true, less known, Nikola Tesla!


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Nikola Tesla's departure into eternity, as a homage to this our's and world's scientific giant, a special lecture was held on January 18, 2018 at the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation in Belgrade. In this really elite place for the promotion and popularization of culture, science and art, it was pointed out by solid arguments and shown to the world the importance of (lesser known) Nikola Tesla and the significance of his work, which on this occasion was presented to the public as an even bigger more important and significant scientist than the Great Tesla, we know and to whom we already give away many well-deserved confessions.

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