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Summer Solstice festival in the Ravne 2 park is aproaching. First days of summer have been already celebrated for five years in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids. This is a time when we focus our minds and intentions, our words and prayers, our bodies and souls into sacred elements of universe and love. We send messages of peace to the world, we sing and dance with frequencies of Earth and spread positive energy all around this beautiful place and focus it to the whole planet. It is wonderful experience for those who come for the first time and sort of pilgrimage for those who keep coming every year.

Archaeological park: Bosnian pyramid of the Sun Foundation, as organizer of this event, tries to evolve in this festival and to make it richer every time. Since the festival is already international, people from all continents are present, our program is full of vibrant and interesting events.

This year we prepared special time for all those who decide to wait for the summer in the valley of the biggest and oldest pyramids in the world. More about it here:

First time at the festival we will have a chance to see our friend and wonderful person who will surely leave you under deep impression.

Braco or „guru with nothing to say“ is already worldwide known not for what he has to say but for what he hasnt. He is known for his gift through gazing.

Those meeting Braco´s peaceful Gaze for the first time commonly note this inviting feeling of familiarity, even friendship and trust. Others report this connection growing with time, becoming a uniquely personal foundation as their lives are enriched by the gift Braco shares. Braco’s work on behalf of people everywhere, to better lives and offer renewed hope, has been taking place since 1995, helping people in many countries: including Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Holland, Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Russia, Dominican Republic. And this list is growing with new countries offering invitations to Braco for visit.

Braco does not promise a cure to anyone, and only offers the possibility that the gift he shares may help in some way. He encourages us to understand that this gift is completely natural and within everyone. Braco does not control this gift or decide who receives help, but offers it with love to people to experience for themselves. In silence, without offering guidelines or explanations, he simply focuses on his life task - to give and help.

Gazing in Visoko will be held on the first day of summer as a date of important astronomical event when the energies of the planet are opening and will be at its peak for the longest day in the year. Let’s fill this day with love big enough to spread it through the all year that is in front of us.

Braco will silently gaze for the world’s peace in the Park ‘Ravne 2’ Visoko on Thursday, June 21st from 19:30.

More about Braco and his 20 years of Gaze:,

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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