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Patterns of Heaven

Connections of the Creator, Truth, Unity and You

1 Tim 5:18 The labourer is worthy of his reward.

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There is One God, the Creator of the Universe. Unity provides clarity and foundational order. Order is the accurate arrangement of all things. Nothing occurs by chance, but for a reason by the intention of the Lord. Unity is the central point of focus and the connection to the Oneness of the Divine. All of Creation occurs, is maintained, and flows into and out of that relationship to unity. The integrated system is formed by each relationship to the mathematical signature of Phi to Unity. Everything in Creation exists in continuous point of connection by Phi to the singular foundation of Unity. This is a relationship with no variableness; it is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This is a good and perfect gift.

The outer circle of 360 degrees is divided into (24) 15 degree divisions from the creator’s voice "Let There Be Light". There are 24 hours in the Day;12 hours (lower elements) of daylight and 12 hours (upper elements) of darkness. Just as the two realms are night and day in unity with a Day, there is the spiritual and the worldly in unity with the One Creator. The inner circle is the angular convergence of the sum of prime numbers in harmony. It is the musical note intervals of the Platonic solids and the sphere. Prime numbers are divisible only by itself and one. The triangle is the first form created from number. The triangle harmonizes the division of the two. The Dynamic Symmetry and Harmony of the Triangle forms the Magen David - Star of David. One Triangle is the Spiritual and the Other is the Physical. Each are centered at the point of unity. Layered below in creation is the Square, Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon

The Points where they touch the inner circle are the points of mathematical and musical points of harmonic convergence by illumination. These are the points where the mathematics of light, sound, color and frequency come together in geometrically ordered harmonic form. Each is from a unique perspective of the reflection of light. All of them have profound spiritual significance upon contemplation.

The 23-degree angle from horizontal is the tilt of the Earth, without which we would have no seasons. It is the seasons that keep life on the planet; orthogonally forms magnetic North. 28 is from the digital root sum of squaring the circle of earth and moon which coincides with a prime number sum. It is beyond chance that it occurs at the 23-degree angle. The converging points of the cover graphic form patterns of energy from the patterns of heaven. Each number is interlaced and forms a mathematical braid of ordered harmony and standing waves of convergence which are the musical notes in the octaves of the creation from light which gives mass to matter. To be clear, each number is a continuation of the unity of oneness. 2 is two 1’s, 3 is three 1’s. Each number is a continuation of unity without separation. Each is unique and needed.

Patterns of Heaven

Table of Contents

Forward Introduction


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Chapter 1 In the Beginning…

Chapter 2 The Seen and the Unseen

Chapter 3 Dynamic Symmetry and Harmony

Chapter 4 Revelation of Light

Chapter 5 Patterns of Creation

Chapter 6 Down to Earth

Chapter 7 Light is the Starting Point

Chapter 8 Ordering the Heavens

Chapter 9 Let there Be Light

Chapter 10 To Teach Scripture by Circle

Chapter 11 Tabernacle of Light

Chapter 12 Let Your Light Shine

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