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The 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation has been making pioneering steps in Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop several types of tourism. It first started in 2006 with archaeological tourism, proving that it can generate a global interest in archaeological sites in the heart of Bosnia.

These years, the Foundation is developing conference-research tourism, attracting experts and enthusiasts for prehistoric phenomena, such as priamides, stone spheres, megalithic sites. Measures of the energy phenomenon in Bosnian pyramids and their influence on human spirituality and the energy body, an entirely new type of tourism has been developed: spiritual (but not religious) tourism that includes meditation and the feeling of the energy of the pyramid.

A large number of testimonies about the healing properties of the pyramid energy and the Underground Labyrinth Ravne, the Foundation gave a new task: to scientifically explain the healing properties of tunnels (

The Foundation has started conducting medical studies, procurement of medical instruments and cooperation with staff in this field. However, as a condition for further systematic approach to this problem, it is necessary to have an object in which staff will work and conduct medical research. With the purchase of the plot in the immediate vicinity of the tunnel, area of ​​8,500 sq.m. the Foundation has come up with an opportunity to develop in that direction.

The Foundation has decided to form 'Aero Spa' on this plot. A temporary wooden facility will be located there to serve tourists and other visitors who want to track changes in their health bulletin before and after visiting the Ravne tunnels.

Therefore, the spring days were an ideal period for the start of the arrangement of this plot, which has been unsustainted and neglected for decades. Only the illegal loggers of the noble trees (oak, linden tree) would enter the ground, so today there is no quality forest on the plot. The wilderness, dread and uneven shrubs prevail. Fifteen workers in the Foundation are undergoing very intensive work on cleaning the plot, including the removal of large amounts of waste, garbage and illegal sewage drains.

The goal is to build a park with a forest in a clean plot. There will be the headquarters of 'Aero Spa', in which the job will find a medical doctor, a nurse and medical technician.

Two access roads for cars will run to the Aero Spa for and several additionl hiking trails. These roads will be linked to the municipal road leading to the Ravne tunnels. This way Foundation enters a very serious project which is the basis of the development of health/healing tourism in Visoko.

The most difficult part of the work is in progress, and with the physical work and chainsaws, the Foundation has engaged all the necessary machinery. If a financial inflow allows this year, 'Aero Spa' and its employees will start working.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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