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Pilgrimage to the Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

The call from within

Fourth year in a row, Mohanji is coming back to Bosnian Pyramids. This year’s unique pilgrimage will give us a chance to spend time in Mohanji’s consciousness as well as feel and experience this archaeological, historical and energy phenomenon in the immediate proximity of a Master. From 21st until 24th May 2018.

On the first occasion he visited Bosnian pyramids, Mohanji said: “I believe there are pyramids which are receivers and pyramids which are transmitters. I consider most of the Egyptian pyramids as receivers for the land (even though I have never been there, and I’m not sure why I never had any interest to visit Egypt, yet had an interest to come here). So I consider pyramids of this nature as energy sources (I have not been inside. I am talking hypothetically). These pyramids here are transmitting. So the movement is like a fountain or volcano. These ones are visible from outer space. Those beings of higher nature who travel with energy, can see and feel what is going on here using these. And also the energy inside suits their energy. If they want to come here, these are portals of landing.

All of us have a frequency and if the frequency doesn’t match, we cannot stay in that place. Beings who are completely selfless, and completely objective, come to such portals to exist or to work, and their intention is pure. They are not coming here to take something. They are here to expand or develop the current era, current space. I also have a feeling about energy sources such as this one. There are four types of places: very bad, medium, good and very good. This comes into the very good level as far as the energy is concerned. To enter such places, there should be a permission, a call. That is why the professor Sam Osmanagich has said many people have disowned it. Because they cannot enter. When you operate in a gross frequency, you cannot enter a subtle place. It is simple logic.

Please think or believe that you have been called. Otherwise neither you nor me would be here now. There is no coincidence. And all you need when you are in such a space is emptiness. Don’t think. Just feel. How you can use this space is very simple. How or who you are, that much you get. If you are absolutely empty, that much you will be filled. If you are already fully filled, there is nothing more to give. So be empty and embrace the energy”

About the programme

At this unique pilgrimage, Mohanji will conduct meditations and different methods of cleansing our inner space at the carefully chosen places in the pyramids.

Mohanji likes to give Shaktipat in the underground tunnel Ravne, which has been proven tohave the holy vibration of the mother’s womb and Sathya Yuga (the golden age), the period the highest evolution of the human consciousness. Spending time in the so called healing room, meditation at the very top of the Pyramid of the Sun, with the mighty energy spiral constantly rising up, as well as the meditation at the special energy location at the Tumulus, in Vratnice village (an artificially made cone-shaped hill with the strong spots of energy at the its top, which in itself lead one into meditative state), are also part of this programme.

Depending on how open and receptive we are as seekers, the emotional and spiritiual cleansing in this pilgrimage will change our approach to life. Mohanji’s instructions and new insights will help us understand how to apply spirituality in our everyday, material life.

The presence of a Master has a very intensive, cleansing effect. Satsang is a medium which intensifies this transfer and connection even more. At Satsangs, you get knowledge and instructions in a direct and simple way, perfectly adjusted to each individual.

Pilgrimages and visits to places with powerful energies play a great role in cleansing the emotional baggage which we carry on our back from one life to the other. When we enter the energy of such places with a Master, they influence the subtle transformations in us. In other words, through this pilgrimage Mohanji works on diluting and burning our accumulated karmic baggage and increases our frequency. The changes that ensue are very powerful and intensive.

The wisdom and clarity that come along thanks to the presence of Mohanji’s consciousness will help us maintain a peaceful, stable and happy inner space long after the pilgrimage, regardless of our environment and the circumstances.                                                                                                                    

About the Pyramids

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids is the world complex of pyramidal buildings. It consists of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun (Visočica), more than 220 m high (much higher than the Keops pyramid), then there is Bosnian pyramid of the Moon (Plješevica) which is 190 meters high, pyramid of Bosnian Dragon (Buci) which is 90 metres high, and cultivated highlands of the Temple of Mother Earth (Krstač) and the pyramid of Love (Čemerac).

The pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon form regular equilateral triangle with the distance of 2170 meters between the tops. The orientation of the sides of all pyramids is regular, towards the cosmic North. In the conclusion of “The first international scientific conference about Bosnian valley of the pyramids” in August 2008, fifty-five leading world experts from 13 countries concluded that “Bosnian pyramids are an archaeological phenomenon which needs to be intensely explored.”

The geo-radar and thermal scanning of the pyramids have confirmed the existence of tunnels and rooms within. The analyses of the block sample from the Pyramid of the Sun at the institutes for materials in Bosnia and Herzegovina, France and Italy have shown that it’s covered the top quality concrete. According to the radiocarbon analyses conducted in Poland in 2011 and pedological analyses from 2006, the Bosnian Pyramids were built more than 30000 years ago. The underground labyrinth-tunnel under Visoko is dozens of kilometres long and it consists of passages, rooms and artificial underground lakes.

The explorations were initiated in April 2005 when the anthropologist Sam Osmanagich Ph.D. set the hypotheses about the existence of the pyramid complex and a network of underground tunnels. They were continued in 2006 by establishing a non-profit “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation. Today, this exploration is the largest world archaeological project and it brings tens of thousands of tourists to Visoko (Bosnia) every year.  

The Foundation receives various testimonials about the beneficial health effects of staying in the prehistoric Underground labyrinth-tunnel Ravne.

The Foundation has conducted the first medical pilot-study in August 2016 which showed momentary strengthening of the immune system in 20 examinees who had their urine and blood samples taken before visiting the tunnels, after exiting the tunnels and seven days after that.

At five international conferences about Bosnian Pyramids held in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, the experts have given interdisciplinary scientific explanations about the healing effects of the energy, beneficial electromagnetism and ultrasound of 28 kHz, Schumann resonance of 7,83 Hz (the best energy field for physical, intellectual and spiritual abilities), high concentration of the negative ions, up to 60,000 per cubical centimetre (for comparison, that is ten times more than in the woods on Igman mountain). The medical science knows that the negative ions increase the blood oxygen level, kill viruses and bacteria and remove dust particles from air. The tunnels are free from harmful cosmic radiation and natural radioactivity. The ceramic blocks are set above the underground water flows to neutralise the negative underground influences. So the tunnels are a completely protected space. In such conditions, the organism cells start the process of regeneration.

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