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In the organization of the Italian Non-profit Organization ‘Mistery Hunters’ from the city of Cosenza in the south of this country, a conference was held in the Congress Hall of the Hotel “Europe” on April 28, 2018. The participants were the linguist, author and translator of the Bible Mauro Biglino, the researcher of the Egyptian hieroglyphs Massimo Barbetta, the researcher of ancient Sumer and Babylon Enrico Baccarini and, of course, the researcher of world’s pyramids Dr Semir Osmanagich as an international guest.

The one-day conference attracted 250 curious visitors from Calabria and Sicilia that have enjoyed listening unconventional researchers of the ancient history. The sponsor of the conference was the Publishing House from Torino, “Edizione Uno”, which has published the books written by these four authors.

In his account, Osmanagich gave a special attention to the timeframe of the construction of pyramids around the world, which is significantly different from the official, scientifically groundless versions that are in place. Also, he spoke about the new definition of pyramids and their purpose. A number of times he was interrupted by the applause of the audience. At the end of the presentation, he invited the present to visit Visoko.  Mario Biglino and Enrico Baccarini are among the ones who accepted the invitation and they will be visiting the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids by mid-August 2018.

The courageous Mario Biglino, who was not afraid to confront his “employer” the Vatican, has written the preface for the Italian translation of the Osmanagich’s book on the pyramids, in which among other things he said:

“Schliemann was opposed and ridiculed, Osmanagich was opposed and ridiculed; as the winner, Schliemann was thanked for his fundamental contribution to the advancement of the historical science, and as the future winner Osmanagich will be thanked for fundamental contribution in advancement of the historical science: two parallel cases from the beginning to the epilogue, already closed for the first person mentioned, whose foretold ending is very likely to happen to the second one as well.

The work of Osmanagich is a stimulant supporting this approach, a signal that points out a new direction in archaeological and historical research on the origin of the human kind and oldest civilisations, and it is heavily contrasting the prevailing dogma that is very often assigned by convenient royalties and powerful, outdated arbitrary forces, easily placed in the history we are learning today.”

The limited contingent of Osmanagich’s books was sold out quickly and many visitors said that they have been following the research activities at Bosnian Pyramids for years.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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