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The “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation is preparing a new project. Due to the beneficial effect of the stay in the tunnels, high concentration of negative ions in the Prehistoric Labyrinth Ravne, excellent characteristics of water from the Tunnels Ravne, beautifully arranged and maintained recreational and natural Park “Ravne 2”, and numerous testimonies from the visitors about the positive effect of all these factors on the respiratory and other illnesses, the Foundation decided to start the activities on the project of Air Spa.    

The Director of the Foundation, Dr Semir Osmanagich has bought an 8,500-square-meter parcel just next to the entrance of Tunnels Ravne and after the land is arranged, he will give it to the Foundation for next 100 years, free of charge. During March and April, the workers of the Foundation have cleaned the neglected, forested parcel, full of weed, ungroomed bushes, brambles, stumps and dry branches, creating the preconditions for building the access road and cleaning of the area of the future location of the Air Spa center.    

The project will be the part of urban permit that covers a wider area near the entrance to the Tunnels Ravne. This is another example how to arrange a parcel neglected for many decades and create a new attractive content for the tourists.

The opening of the Air Spa is expected by September 2018. The activity with the full capacity that includes the medical workers is planned in 2019. Besides the planned program with the respiratory aspect, it will offer programs with various durations, for detox, fitness, nutrition and weight loss with the supervision professionals.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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