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After Municipality of Visoko brought the decision to close the traffic permanently at the road section from the entrance of the Tunnels Ravne to the excursion site Ravne, the realization of this complex project has begun. The route that will replace the existing narrow road has been defined. The new route turns near the Foundation’s Museum building and passes through the bottom toward the south to the Municipal land that exits at “Žuta greda”.

New regulatory plan of Ravne will define the content of the Municipal parcel, which will include parking for tourist buses and vehicles to hospitality facilities.

Creating the pedestrian zone in front of Tunnels Ravne will contribute to the safety of tourists and to a longer stay in this part of Visoko.

The “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation accepted with satisfaction Municipality’s idea and employed significant financial, organizational and human resources for its realization. The Foundation decided to finance the major part of the construction of the first 150-meters long road section from the Museum. Besides this, the parallel road is being built on the Foundation’s parcel, which is exiting on the parking of the Foundation. This road section will be open for traffic during the day and it will hold a double function: as the alternative to the main road in busiest days, and besides that, it will lead to the Air Spa and Medicinal Forrest of the Foundation.

The access to the Air Spa will have two tracks forming a roundabout. The total length of all these roads will be 450 meters and it will permanently solve the question of the access to Tunnels Ravne, Park “Ravne 2”, Excursion Site Ravne and Air Spa, and parking for many vehicles.

The ramps will be placed before the Air Spa and these roads will be closed during the night in order to prevent unnecessary stay or waste disposal.

During the works performed in March and April 2018, Foundation employed the necessary mechanization for clearing of the terrain, making the way for the road, filling with 650 cubic meters of rough tampons and rolling, what means excavators, trucks, tractor, and a roller. In the final stage, Public Utility Service “Visoko” had joined the operations, providing the fine tampon and filling with a bulldozer.

The Municipal team, led by the Mayor, Assistant for Economic Development and experts from the Urban Planning Service supervised the results at the site on regular basis.

It is expected that during May the first section of the road should be ready for asphalting. It is assumed that the Municipal Decision on Closing Traffic on the road section from the Tunnels Ravne to Excursion Site Ravne will become effective during June.

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