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After she has been a guide for almost three years at the Foundation during her studies, earlier this year Azra Ohran Zubić was back to the Foundation, and this time in the role of Program Director of the Archaeological-Tourist Park “Ravne 2”. This was also the occasion to have a conversation with her and to introduce her.

- I graduated the Faculty of Forestry, Department of Horticulture in Sarajevo, and I have worked in different jobs. Since 2016 I have worked at a successful recruiting agency from Bosnia-Herzegovina, where I worked almost two years in a good collective, with great colleagues and very good benefits. At the end of last year, I spoke to Dr Osmanagich when the idea of my return to the Foundation was reborn. I say return intentionally, because, when I was a student, I spent three wonderful years at the Foundation, working as a guide where gained positive experience. – Azra said.

The idea on Azra’s return came up because this huge and rich park needed a person to manage, from the maintenance, creation of program contents, to the creation of new content and attraction of people from the entire world. 

 - On my first visit around the park, I saw what has been already built, how big the park is, and that this is the most beautiful and best park of this kind in our country, and certainly in the region. I immediately understood and saw the potential, the possibilities, but also the place for realisation of ideas made by me and my colleagues. The Foundation supports new ideas and I saw that if I came back, my ideas would be recognised as well as that my suggestions will count, maybe something I could not realise or create in any other businesses. – Azra explained.

In the end, we asked Azra about her vision of the expansion of the park and its improvement in the near future, and what are the potentials of this unique location in our country.

- Certainly, the Park will keep expanding, developing and constantly adding new contents. Already we have to plan many projects, besides the ones we do on a daily basis, we are planning two-three projects for the near future. The Park has potential to expand its area and content, attracting numerous guests, but also to offer various contents for all ages, what is one of the objectives. - Azra Ohran Zubić, the Program Director of the Archaeological-Tourist Park “Ravne 2”, explained.


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