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At its session held on May 25, 2018, the Visoko Municipality Council unanimously, with 22 votes FOR, adopted the draft Contract between Visoko Municipality and 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation on the lease of municipal land at the Ravne site.

Namely, an agreement was reached about the cooperation between the Municipality and the Foundation regarding this location in the immediate vicinity of the Underground Labyrinth Ravne, which had become the most visited tourist attraction in the Zenica-Doboj Canton due to the Foundation's efforts to attract visitors to this archaeological site. The Municipality shall lease the land along the local road to the Foundation for a five year period, while the Foundation assumed the obligation to develop this site for the sale of souvenirs and to lease souvenir shops to local small businesses.

The investment by the Foundation will be quite considerable, because it will involve earth moving, expansion of the opposite side of the road for vehicle parking, installation of concrete drainage pipes and shafts, construction of reinforced-concrete foundations and installation of electricity lines. Wooden prefabricated cabins od standardized 4x2meter dimensions, with green shingle roofs and posted signs displaying names and ID numbers of businesses, names of owners and types of products sold. Eighteen prefabricated cabins will be erected in the first phase.

In this way, this site will become a pleasing sight and attractive for customers, while the attention of the municipality to the need for improvements in this area will be demonstrated. The site is a part of a future pedestrian zone, which will provide for secure traffic of domestic and foreign visitors.

In the next stage, this road will be repaired and paved, and street lighting will be installed.

The explanation submitted to the Visoko Municipality Council included the following


The reasons for adoption of the Decision to Approve the Contract on Maintenance and Use of Land Owned by the Visoko Municipality include:

Pursuant to the ‘Visoko Municipality Tourism Development Strategy 2016-2024’, and established strategic objectives related to: introduction of effective destination management; development and integration of tourist products; development of tourist infrastructure and the environment for tourism development, the Agreement on Partnership Cooperation and Coordination in the Development of Tourism in Visoko Municipality was concluded between the Municipality of Visoko, Visoko Regional Museum and Foundation ‘Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’. Pursuant to this Agreement, one of the duties of the parties to this Agreement is ‘Contribution to the development of local original products and souvenirs’.

On the lot designated as Cadaster Plot 1482/2 at the Cadastral District of Kraljevac, surface area 662 m2, described as ‘other non-arable land’, owned by the Municipality of Visoko, the works have been launched to improve the road towards the Ravne Excursion Site. The site also offers the option of erecting prefabricated cabins – souvenir shops for sale of local products and souvenirs.

The Contract for Maintenance and Use of this land includes the following elements:

The surface area subject to the lease agreement is 662 m2, the term of the lease is 5 years, with a possibility of extension, the lease rate is 1,000 KM per year, the goal of the Agreement is to improve the road and erect souvenir shops. Upon the conclusion of the Agreement, the Foundation will, at its own expense, build the foundations for prefabricated cabins – souvenir shops and, at its own expense, procure prefabricated cabins. When the development of the site in question is completed, the management rights shall be entrusted to the Foundation, while the types of products to be sold at the souvenir shops shall be regulated by a separate act to be drawn up by the Foundation and the competent department of the Municipality of Visoko.

For the above reasons, and with the express purpose to promote tourism and tourist offer in the Municipality of Visoko, we propose to the Municipal Council to adopt the Decision on Granting Approval to the Mayor to conclude the Contract for Maintenance and Use of Land Owned by the Municipality of Visoko.’

Report from the Council session, agenda item 6:

Draft Lease Contract:

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