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On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the discoveror of Bosnian pyramids, dr. Sam Osmanagich was guest in Vienna where he held a two-hour lecture on Bosnian pyramids. Several times he was interrupted by applause as he talked about free energy, volunteering in Visoko and obstacles he had to overcome in the investigtion of the oldest pyramids in the world. After the lecture, the audience was interested in how and when to visit the Visoko and the Pyramids, and many announced the arrival as volunteers this year or the following year.

Osmanagić was a keynote speaker at the conference entitled "Who Knows Congress". Besides him, lecturers were also a professor of archeology and researcher of prehistoric underground tunnels in Europe dr. Heinrich Kush, an Egyptologist and mathematician Alex Klitzke and researcher of ancient artifacts Klaus Dona. The organizers sold out all the tickets for the 310-seat hall two months before the conference began.

Visiting Vienna is part of Osmanagic's intense activities to promote the project that has been taking place in recent months, including Italy (Milan, Torino, Lamezia), Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad), South Africa (Johannesburg), Bosnia (Banja Luka) Slovenia (Bled, Brežice), Austria (Salzburg), UAE (Dubai), Turkey (Istanbul), Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) and other locations.

Following the activities of the Summer Solstice in Visoko, the arrival of numerous organized groups, the organization of the Festival and the Fair, the promotion continues afterward throughout the world: The last weekend in June in Russia (St. Petersburg), Finland in July (Kourtane Ultrapaivat), America (Colorado) in August, Belgium (Kasterlee) and Italy in September (Padua, Udine), America (Nashville, Houston), Czech Republic (Liberez) and Slovakia (Bratislava) in October, and a major tour of Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia in November. More:

Nothing is left to the case, the promotion is continuous, positive news from Bosnia and Herzegovina is constantly going to the world.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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