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Two years ago, Croatian musician Goran Karan was the person who had the honor of opening the Archaeological - Tourist Park "Ravne 2", and this year, the Summer Solstice Festival, could not have been without the performance of this great artist. This year's performance was special because at the concert at Ravne 2 Park its premier also had a new song "My legacy is love", which inspiration came from the park 'Ravne 2'.

- It's wonderful to see this place that takes on a new, more beautiful look every day. Bothe, the park and my work is related to love. Two years ago I had a melody in mind here, I recorded that part, and in the next two months everything had somehow done in my legacy is love. After that, I saw Sabina and Sam, showed them what inspired me in Visoko, they liked the song very much and we started realizing something that their premiere was happening again in Visoko, in this beautiful park, Goran told us.

Goran opened the "Ravne 2" park, and as he told us, every time we come here, there is great progress.

- From the opening up to now, enormous progress has been made. Then it was a wonderful idea and most of the vision, now the vision embodied it. I see that many people have become part of this park, each one brought part of my heart and placed it here, which is wonderful. What is also nice to see, next to the park, the tunnel, the pyramid, is that the community has accepted all this. Two years ago, there was little skepticism, but when the capillaries of this mass of people of good will began to come to Visoko, and the community began to accept it. What is special is that there is no import, there is nothing in the force and all miracles are possible. I feel that local people have felt this place as theirs, and now it's nicer, easier and better. . Goran told us, adding that he hopes to be part of the festival, program, as well as the growth and development of the Ravne 2 park and the Foundation project in Visoko in the coming years.

My Legacy Is Love

I felt butterflies this morning

Didn't know they're still alive

But they came without a warning

Love has managed to survive


I've been frozen for a long time

A thousand kisses untill you

I've been cursed 'cause I've been chosen

I've been chosen to be true


My legacy is love

This melody for you

My legacy is love

And I hope that it will do


My legacy is love

This melody for you

My legacy is love

All my life in simple tune


If you ask me what I treasure

What I treasure above all

After all there is to measure

On my lips your name will fall


So I feel butterflies this morning

Feeling very much alive

Tho' the winds outside are storming

I am sure we will survive

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