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Expeditions with Ajdin

By: Ajdin Ahmetspahić, Foundation's Guide Coordinator

Most of the people who are part of the Foundation's project „Expeditions with volunteering“ heard about Bosnia through media. This didnt gave them pretty good knowledge nor objective view of this country in heart of the Europe.

When they decided to come here to excavate the largest pyramid in the world most of their frineds and family didnt understood them and some might have been a bit worried not knowing where their beloved ones are traveling. They heard of Bosnia only through the 90's and nowadays they are not able to hear a lot about it in their environment.

Even the volunteers themselves said that they were not sure where they are coming but they just knew they had to be here.

This is what makes most of the 11days trip so exciting and mind-opening.

Since the day one our guests are able to see beautiful meadows, hills, rivers and forests.

Second revelation comes when they see smiled locals offering them fruits from their stands or trying to talk to them even if they cant speak their language.

It continues when they discover that all of the members of program and project of the Bosnian pyramids are open-minded, spiritual people coming from similar surroundings where they couldnt speak openly about their ideas of past and future. Now all together they are exchanging knowledge and information, feeling home and safe.

Having the possibility to work at the oldest artifical structure known to man and revealing the concrete blocks thousands of years old is another one-of-a-kind experience.

We go further and top it all up with trips on the weekend days to the most amazing places in central and south Bosnia. Of course we choose only places wich are more or less close to Visoko but Bosnia is full of those.

Natural landmark of Boracko lake offers beautiful oasis in the slopes of Mt.Prenj. Originating from glaziers thousands of years ago this green paradise is rest for eyes and soul. Volunteers enjoy swimming and walking around the lake through forests and fields. Nature talks to us in its mistique and ancient ways. Once we isolate all artificial sounds we can hear the original sounds which existed on the very begining of our journey as humans on this planet. We might remember some of the things and our mind starts showing us images from other lifes same as smell of favourite food takes us back to childhood.

Historical landmark of Vranduk Castle is unique structure at central Bosnia that stands the tests of time. It originates from 14th century and it has been home to the medieval Bosnian kings and queens. From this time we are learning of mystic Bogumil civilisation and their „heretic“ but yet mistique believes that were thorn in the eye to the Rome and Pope for hundreds of years.

Cultural landmark as Sarajevo is doesnt need a lot of words. You just come and admire. They call it „European Jerusalem“ and point where „east meets the west“. Walking through the Old Sarajevo might feel like traveling through the time or materializing your favourite history book in front of you. Compound of architecture and art with religion and ethnicity comes to the peak when you hear the bells of Old Orthodox church, hundreds of years old, synchronizing with the bells of local Catholic Cathedral from 19th century with the mantric prayer call in the background coming from Beg's Mosque built in 1530. And all that while standing in front of the Old Temple of Sephardic Jews who found their home here once being chased away from Spain in the Middle Ages.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to all mankind and Bosnian Pyramids are calling us to come back. This is what is learned from this journey. We invite you to join!

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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