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In France, in the province of Languedoc-Roussillon, once founded by Rusy, in coordinates: 42 ° 28'30.56 "N and 2 ° 51'38.78" E, while building a large highway, an ancient pyramid of eighty meters in height was found with a regular square base.

The pyramid was discovered back in 1976, but all this time the authorities of France hid information about this pyramid. And this is not surprising, because if you study this ancient monument of the past, then new facts will open out revealing the truth about the past to the public.

This is a completely unique structure, not only does not fit into the modern version of history and geography, but also directly exposes the enchanting lies of official science.

How so, such a construction in the south of France, but no one knows about it?

Let us turn to Wikipedia, supposedly a folk encyclopedia. We look, that there is nothing written about the pyramid, but about the pass of Le Pertus, where this pyramid is located. And, not to notice, it is absolutely impossible - it dominates the road. About the pyramid on this pass in Wikipedia, there is no information in English. Only about the pass of Le Pertus in Spanish, French, Italian and in Catalan.

"The pyramid was built between 1974 and 1976 at the junction of the A9 and AP7 motorways. This is the work of architect Ricardo Bofill. It is dedicated to Catalonia. It is located on the opposite side of Pompey's trophy. "

Secondly, it is covered with a layer of earth, sand and clay from the south-east side of a minimum thickness of fifty meters. And yet the French authorities tried to give her away as a remake, built by the same builders who built the highway. However, it did not work out. It is this fact that the pyramid from the eastern side is buried under a 50 meter layer of relict soil, speaks of its ancient age. Nobody tried to establish the age of the soil. Of course, the pyramid itself is older than the ground, which is covered with. Her age can also be checked, but of course no one will.

And we are suggested to believe that the architect Ricardo Bofill not only collected garbage from the construction of the road in the form of a pyramid 80 meters high, he buried his offspring after the construction was completed with a fifty-meter layer of soil from the southeast side and planted on this ground grass and wild trees. The photographs clearly show a replica of red brick and stone, it is present only on one side of the pyramid. Apparently this replica is the work of architect Ricardo Bofill, but not the pyramid itself!

The pyramid stands on the border of Spain and France, and the province on the side of France is called the Languedoc-Roussillon! Roussillon (Cat., Rosselló or Catalunya del Nord, Fr. Roussillon, Rosellón) is a historic province in southern France between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The main city is Perpignan (now the department of the Eastern Pyrenees). In the Middle Ages here was located the county of Roussillon, then - the Catalan.

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