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The 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation informs the public, tourists, guests and employees that it ceases to cooperate with the Franciscan monastery in Visoko. Instructions were given to the Sarajevo Foundation's office to cancel all reservations scheduled for July, August and September 2018 and will no longer promote the accommodation capacities of the monastery in the future.

This decision was made after the insulting and untruthful writing of Guardian Franz Radman at the daily ‘Večernji list’ of June 10, 2018. In an interview, Guardian Radman complained to the Foundation’s policy of bringing people from all over the world to Visoko to visit Bosnian Pyramids. Guardian is very worry because of ‘Buddhists, Hindu, Brahmanists ... coming to Visoko. He ‘forgets’ to mention that the Foundation also attracted Jews, Muslims, Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants) and many other visitors who do not come to Visoko as believers or members of different nations from all continents, but as tourists.

Fra Radman gives false claims like that of the prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne where he says ‘miners dug two tunnels’ (?), "300 meters long" (?) and that there is a "big stone" (?). The research project of the Bosnian pyramids is called 'solid nonsense'. He says that 'there are also 'devices that measure energy' and that ‘water flows from a wall’ (?). He is confident that it’s been 'scientifically determined that there is nothing there'.

Of course, he does not mention the six international scientific conferences held on topic of Bosnian Pyramids and more than 100 experts from 30 countries with scientific analyzes, radiocarbon dating, sample testing and energy phenomena measurements, who proclaimed the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids as 'one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the world'.

For him, the fact that Visoko, thanks to the Foundation, became a cosmopolitan city, is actually a 'cultural problem'. (?)

The fact that, in spite of what he thinks about the tourists, he has not yet canceled the tourist accommodation of the monastery, speaks a lot about the Guardian. Why is he dealing with tourism? There are 136 accommodation capacities in Visoko so that the monastery beds are not necessary for tourists.

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