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By: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

 The Republic of South Africa is an impressive country, at least its northern part. Johannesburg, the country's largest city, is reminiscent of any developed urban center in Western Europe or the United States. Driving up to 400 km to distant Nelspruit leads through green, hilly, beautifully landscaped areas, with developed land and a number of industrial plants. This is the most advanced African economy. Everything started with gold mines. The last wave was happening in the XIX century. The first, according to Zecharia Sitchin and the remains of old mines, more than 200,000 years ago.

Michael Tellinger tried in 2018 to reassemble the BBC group, the four of us (Bad Boys Club, Tellinger, Dona, Uvarov, Osmanagich). Next to me was Valery Uvarov, but Klaus Dona could not come because he was busy with archaeological excavations in the Philippines. There is the legendary author of Forbidden Archeology Michael Cremo with whom I spend most of my time.

The most important part of my visit is certainly a megalithic location known around the world, thanks to Tellinger, called 'Adam's Calendar'. A series of upright blocks are located on a large plateau above the Kaapsche Hoop town overlooking the Barberton Valley valley. For older Africans (like, say, Credo Mutwa), this is known as 'The Place of rising Sun' ('Inzalo y Langa').

The birth of mankind?

South African pilot Johan Heine has been studying for years the phenomenon of stone circles in this part of the continent. Thousands of mysterious stone circles without a proper scientific explanation. On one occasion, he was involved in the rescue operation of a pilot who had an accident, and right here on this plane, he came into contact with the monolithic circle in 2003, which will later become known as the 'Adam's Calendar'.

After the rescue mission, Heine persistently returned to this location. He noticed that several blocks are oriented towards the cardinal points. At different intervals, the sun threw light on the central block. He concluded that this was a stone calendar.

The blocks are made of dolomite and the largest reaches five tons. It is believed that the quarry was two kilometers away. Today, this quarry is called a 'workshop'.

They tried to determine their age by following star constellations through time. In doing so, the choice fell to three stars of the Orion belt. Calculating when the three Orion stars were in the same plane with stone blocks on the horizon, and given the procession (the 26,000-year-long cosmic cycle of our Planet), astronomer Bill Holenbach concluded that the age of the stone circle was 75,000 years old. Michael Tellinger has engaged additional astronomers according to which the construction of the 'Adam's calendar' is moving even deeper into the past to 160,000 years.

A confirmation of such an age was given to him in erosion of dolerite material. This is a very hard stone, from which some of the blocks were built. (Even from such dolerites, Stonehenge circles in England were built.) Namely, broken pieces near the blocks were naturally eroded by about 3 cm. The time required for their natural erosion is much more than 100,000 years.

Of course, the question arises who, when, why. The blocks were located in the immediate vicinity of the rich gold deposits in the Mpumalanga area. Several ancient gold mines are nearby. Is there a connection between 'Adam's calendar' and gold? Michael thinks it does exist.

Adam's calendar is on the state property. The only way to visit is to be accompanied by an official guide, and there is only one that is accredited. Previously arranged a visit, a terrain ride and - I am at the entrance to a large parcel. The guide unlocks the gate, then stops before the first upright block. They call it 'Stone Man'. It is said that it was once part of the Adam's calendar, but in 1992 it was moved. It used to serve as a western marker.

We continue on. Wood with square structure, some type of drywall. There are hypotheses that this is the grave of one of the aliens, Annunaki.

We pass 'workshop' with quarry. The rocky ground, where the blocks are cut and shaped.

And finally we arrive at the megalithic location 'Adam's Calendar'. The first thing that strikes me is that this is not proper megalithic circle here. However, on the imaginary circle, it can be noticed that some of the blocks are properly positioned by forming parts of the circle. But apart from the first round, it seems that there was another, little smaller. Blocks are concentrated on one side. And, in the end, there are two groups of blocks that are difficult to say what they represent. One group is in the space between two imaginary circles.

The two most important upright blocks are located near the middle. It is interesting that they are not located in the very center of stone circles, but moved several meters. All astronomical calculations were made based on the shadow movement on the widest block, and based on the lines drawn from this pair of blocks to all the other blocks. In this way, they satisfy the first rule for the astronomical orientation of the megalithic location, that is, all astronomical phenomena must be viewed from one point or one block.

The blocks seem extremely old. Although it is a very hard stone, erosion is obvious. Some of them lie on the ground. Some were moved a few meters. Some were violently damaged.

Michael Tellinger is credited with the worldwide glory of this megalithic location. In his books and presentations, he claims that this is the oldest megalithic location in the world. He even mentions the age of 250,000 years. Blocks that resemble Horus and Sphinx lie on the ground. He gives the hypothesis that they have teleported gold from here to other planets. Measurements of energy phenomena (electromagnetism, ultrasound, infrasound, temperature, etc.) revealed significant differences within the circle compared to those outside the circle.

Several times I relaxed and connected with stone blocks. The answers follow:


'Stone Man', Western Marker - This stone block was part of a larger structure. He still communicates with the whole.

'Wood with a square structure' - the age of the structure is about 200 years. The builders followed the line of sunset and made it. The Annunaki tomb? No.

'Adam's Calendar' - a very complex structure. It was made ‘before time’. No tools or instruments were used to form blocks, but plasma cutting. People were present. Over time, people have damaged the site. This site communicates with other energy machines, pyramids and megalithic circuits. The location was destroyed, so its main function disappeared - teleportation and communication. Adam's calendar determined the cosmic position of the Earth. From there the 'number in the cosmos' was dialed (as an area code). It is located at the top of an underground energy potent place.

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