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True purpose of pyramids in Egypt

Purpose of Egypt’s Great Pyramid “Was not at all a tomb but a power plant, generating and transmitting [wireless] electricity to the civilization surrounding it,” suggesting that the angled tunnels, granite and dolomite were conductors of telluric and piezoelectric currents generated by the flowing water in thepyramid’s basement.

Giza and Tesla: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together!

One need not buy into persuasive arguments for how the giant sarcophagi found in the Pyramids of Gizawere actually energy capacitors to be thoroughly amazed by more prosaic data, like how the pyramids were actually built around these massive sarcophagi, to say nothing about the mystery of how any of this digitally-accurate stone cutting, megalithic construction and astronomical alignment was achieved in the Bronze Age.

One need not agree that the pyramids were created to be energy generators in a broadcasting system for the purpose of wirelessly transmitting electricity – which would imply a complete rewrite of history – to agree that there’s a lot more to the ancient Egyptians and the pyramids than we’ve been told.

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