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After acquiring a new lot of land adjacent to the ‘Ravne 2’ Park, a crew of the ‘Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’ Foundation commenced with clearing the brush from this stretch of land. Underneath the layers of vegetation, they found a series of conglomerate blocks, which likely constitute a continuous set, as they lie on the same level.

When the altitude where this slab lies was established, it was found that it matched the altitude of the entrance to the current prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne, but also the altitude of the Orgone Chamber at the Bell Tower and that of the suspected tunnel underneath the Healing Forest.  As the Foundation owns all these sites, they are being cleared and preliminary excavations are under way.

Five potential entrances were identified on the site overlooking the ‘Ravne 2’ Park, and these were designated C1-C5. The fourth and fifth shift volunteers, led by the British geologist Richard Hoyle and Supervisor Marie Sophie from France, systematically undertook to remove the soil and clay on the C2 site.

On Friday, August 10, 2018, they managed to reach an entrance to a cavern. The entrance had been sealed by big rock, which was laid on the base made of four flat stone slabs. It appears that, in the distant past, someone sought to completely seal off this passage, so they made efforts to bury it under a combination of dirt and rocks. In addition, the sealing boulder does not match the geology of the surrounding rocks and it had clearly been brought here.

The youngest volunteer, twelve-year old Leo, expressed the desire to enter through the small opening. Richard Hoyle gave him permission, and the two of them jointly crawled for several meters through the narrow passage and carried out the first exploration of the extent of the cavity. It was found that the cavity expands and reaches the height of two meters, and that it extends along the east-west axis.

It was decided to continue the works on the neighboring C3 entrance, which would leave the boulder on the base at the C2 entrance as an obvious evidence of anthropogenic action in the distant past.

When acquiring this lots of land, anthropologist Dr. Sam Osmanagich postulated that the entire valley where the ‘Ravne 2’ Park stands today used to be a part of a major subterranean structural complex. A vast slab of conglomerate concrete covered a complex of underground tunnels, on several levels. However, in the distant past, the powerful tidal waves partially destroyed this subterranean complex. Where conglomerate concrete left the entrances to underground tunnels open, the civilization that existed 5,000 years ago buried them all and concealed them.

Thus, the Ravne tunnels that reach towards the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun were not the only segment of the prehistoric network of tunnels. This network had spread for dozens of kilometers in all directions.

Future excavations will provide an answer as to whether this hypothesis was accurate. The discovery of the C2 cavern constitutes an exceptional indicator and an early sign of the accuracy of this hypothesis.

There are new discoveries to be made.

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