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The following are briefs of information derived since 1976 relating to the geometric shape of the great pyramid. All advances were made after the gamma ray transducer was discovered. The costs of this research, as of June 2000, have exceeded $60,000.

1. The pyramid shape has 8 input ports (4 opposite pairs) located every 45 degrees around the base.
2. To be usable, the most "basic" pyramid must include 4 horizontal rods forming a base, and 4 vertical rods forming the edges.
3. Free flowing -Ions in the air are the pyramids energy source.
4. A solid pyramid must have facilities to allow ions to flow at the geometric center.
5. Every pyramid has an energy barrier surrounding it. This barrier protects three mass particles held captive at the geometric center of the shape.
6. The geometric center of the great pyramid is the Queen's Chamber.
7. The mass particles can be captive outside the geometric shape by either decreasing the angle of the sides, or placement of rings inside the shape.
8. To create an energy barrier (minimum charge) after 15 hours, the pyramid must be parallel to the earth, with one pair of ports aligned magnetically N - S.
9. The instant a pyramid assumes a fixed position on the surface of the earth, a clock governed by the Fibonacci spiral starts running.
10. The term "history" reflects this spiral, and repeatable characteristics because of it.
11. A one-inch base pyramid will control a radioactive isotope of 1.0 pc (micro curie) or a current of 1.0 to (micro amp).
12. The usable energy of a pyramid does not increase with a larger pyramid.
13. A one-inch base pyramid produces the same effects as each square inch at the top of the great pyramid.
14. If you assume an energy output over a one year period as a Sine wave of 2 units amplitude at the King's Chamber, then you will also have a Sine wave of 0.8 units in the Pit Chamber, a null in the Queen's Chamber and a 1 unit pulsating wave (no negative excursions) at the apex.

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